Thursday, October 21, 2004

Bad hair, bad makeup, bad body

I'm feeling very fat and ugly today. Ick. bad hair, thought my extra make-up was in the car but IT WASN'T, wearing the "is she pregnant or is she just fat?" sweater because everything else required ironing or washing or was TOO FREAKING TIGHT....FYI--"she" hasn't had sex for over 6 months, so it must be fat fat fat...I'm guessing the Good Lord above isn't going to mistake me for a mother-madonna-type so no worries of immaculate conception here.

At least I've got a cute purse! I'm the Fat Felting Queen of the World!

I realized the other night while eating my (swear to God) dinner of chocolate frosted zingers and peanut m&m's with diet coke (dinner ala Quick Trip) that MAYBE I'd better get back to eating healthier & exercising again to get rid of the stupid 12 pounds I gained in a LOT shorter time than it took me to recently LOSE the same dang pounds. Gonna start a boring blog documenting my new diet & exercise plan--> THE PANERA EATING PLAN...basically, I'm going to try to eat foods that are still recognizable as food elements. breads, soups, meat, veggies, fruit and cut down on zingers, oreos, and the like. Last winter I lost a ton just eating Panera's chicken chili soup (and extra bread). I've got NO willpower, so maybe if this works it could catch on...I know I'm not a big person and I hate when skinny little people whine about being fat, it's not that, I'm just getting chubby and can't wear my DAMN clothes any more and am TIRED of it!

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