Thursday, October 28, 2004

New felted bag on its way

Major accomplishment of last night:
YEAH for me! I felt like such the experienced knitter chick last night. I sat down at about 8:30pm after both kiddos fell asleep, watched a little sex in the city, started another felted party bag with a few variations/experiment by me and got the entire body knitted! Tonight I hope to get the icord straps done and MAYBE even sew it together ready for felting. If not, I hope to crank out a few more and do some serious felting this weekend!! It took much less Noro Kureyon than last time, so I either screwed up last time or this time, we'll have to see how it turns out to be sure. BUT I loved it. I'll post pics this weekend. I couldn't believe the sense of accomplishment I felt before heading off to bed. Wish life were that simple sometimes...

OK, so now G.W. is so sure of himself that he's healing children??? Check it out:

Doesn't he look like one of those old faith healers...."send your money to me and feel my healing touch...." I don't know, it just looked a little off. Poor Kerry, those electoral vote tally maps don't look too encouraging. I sure hope whoever's running in 2008 has a little more personality than these 2.

I've got my free patterns page started, click KNITTING VIRGIN FREE PATTERNS to check them out. I wanna make them ALL. These don't even BEGIN to list all the goodies on my to-do list as a lot of my faves are on the Knitty website too! I had this cool artsy-fartsy button all ready to go, but saved it too small and screwed it up, so some hopefully cool upgrades to the old blog should also be up and running soon. Check out the list of blogrolled blogs I've got for some other good reads!

Major accomplishment of the day:
NOT eating any of the damn doughnuts in the break-room. They were calling my name....Christine, eat us, eat us ALL..... and I said NO! (yes I talk to food) Then they said, just lick off all the sugary glaze.....and I can't trust myself to walk in the room....
MUST fit into jeans again...MUST not get chunkier....I have to admit last time there was one of those awesome cake doughnuts with the sugar coating...and though I didn't eat the doughnut, I did lick off all the sugar.... part of why I'm doing the dreaded "duck walk" each am to get my pants to relax enough to be worn in public.

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