Thursday, October 07, 2004

SCORE!! Free Gift Time!

"A change in the weather is enough to renew the world and ourselves."
--Marcel Proust

It's such a pretty fall day outside, slightly rainy and cool and would be SO great for laying on the couch under a quilt reading or knitting by the fire or doing just about anything other than working your life away in the dungeon with the crazies...

Things overheard this morning from fellow dungeon-mates...
"It's keeping me sane..." --from one of the craziest
"la la la la-la la la......" THE FREAKING LIMBO SONG being sung over & over by our chatty one...HOW does HappyChic stay so happy up there??? I'm afraid I'd result to slamming a printer on her head after the 3rd verse of limbo limbo la la's
"how many martini's did I have last night?" --on the phone from a cutie who apparently has a much more exciting life than I do
"but the gun wasn't loaded ALL the time" --not even going to explain that one

THE TRUE SCORE--> Any other Lancome shoppers out there need to get themselves to the Jones Store as the free gift is going on NOW. The bag is about butt ugly, but it's filled with the BEST stuff this time!! I went in on Sunday for the Elizabeth Arden free bag (a CUTE pink leather-look handbag with wrist bracelet-holder thing full of crappy makeup) and needed foundation. The little barbie doll behind the Lancome counter (but a nice doll--I HATE snotty little barbie doll girls) told me to take some samples of the foundation, pay for the full sized then, and I could pick it up starting Oct. 6th and then get the free gift. BUT she gave me the foundation as well as the samples. I didn't think anything of it, put it in the bag with the EA goodies and went home. Stopped by the Jones Store last night, picked up my bag o' necessaries and when I got in the car, realized whoever packed the bag gave me ANOTHER foundation! woo hoo! $38.71 of covering my 35 yr old 5-zit covered face for FREE! I know, I know a "GOOD" person would have gone in. BUT I'm not so good. hee hee hee. I do actually tell people about mistakes at banks (I was a teller too long and they make your life HELL for $.50 let alone $38.71) or somewhere that someone would get in trouble for the error, but I'm LOVING my extra goody today!!

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