Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Bitch is Back, Baby!

SO, here's me! I'm back. Down in the dungeon, feeling sassy, rarin' to go. NOT looking forward to freezing my lilly-white BUTT off tonight with the brownie scout troop, but ah well. Those little 7yr olds will either decide the outdoors is entirely too cold and will never want to camp again, or they will be strong little ladies that can triumph over any obstacle....yeah, we'll probably never camp again.

Joey update, the kid's feeling better, not much in the way of ideas on treating the current infection other than a weaker antibiotic that may or may not work. We'll give it a try for 3 weeks then go in for more testing and see. He's back at his little pre-school today and was quite the king of the ball...imagine a child of mine loving would that work? He's feeling better and that's what counts I guess.

OK--I missed a lot of the debate last night, but read the transcripts and heard all the tidbits in the am shows, but the world needs THESE political debates below...... make sure your voume is up and click away. I would suggest you NOT click the "share with friends" link as it opens up pop-up hell. Copy & paste from the webpage once you open the songs....Click the links for a little toe-tappin, political singin from those that would rule our country...

Political Bohemian Rhapsody

The Presidential Horror Show

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