Monday, October 25, 2004

My weekend/my stash

Weekend update:

Rain Rain go away.... rain postponed the big outdoor Halloween festival to Sunday Afternoon, so the kids & I had a "basement campout." This consists of unfolding the couch, putting their indoor sleeping bags (blues clues & some princess or other) out with favorite animals all sitting along the edges of pillows. Lights go off, big camping flashlight/lantern goes on with an orange cloth over the top. Each little munchkin is given a bendy straw and a cup of mini marshmallows to stap with the straws (sticks) to roast over our campfire. We sing songs and sit on logs (upside down buckets) around the fire and finish the night by watching scooby doo movies while laying on sleeping bags. OK, so scooby doo videos don't go with outdoor camping, but THIS is my house baby. :) Got kiddos set, my cousin (supersitter) came over and mommacita went out to play some cards...

Went to Station Casino, and sat down at a rather quiet, mild table and was called over to Shaw's table (some nice asian guy who's become my little poker buddy and looks out for me and hardly ever takes my money) and we took over this table. He left early and I stayed until 2:30am and OWNED the table. It's a good thing I'm not in line to be a dictator, or I'd become the great ice-queen-bitch of the world. mwaa haa haaa...I was very polite, I took everyone's money with a smile, but it was amazing...everyone looked to me for the bets and raises and just assumed I'd win hands....POWER. I actually left with money (something I need to do more often) and ended up with $312 profit on the night even after paying for a full tank of gas.... woo hoo. When I grow up, I wanna play POKER...that one's probably not going over well with Grandpa Joe, so I'll go with the graduate degree, real job thing. LEARNED--> most poker players do NOT knit, so therefore, do NOT understand that a stash refers to YARN....when someone asked what I was going to do with all his money, I said "enhance my stash". I had to explain that I was not, in fact, a major drug dealer, just a yarn addict.

Sat. I admit I spent a few $$ on adding to the stash... I got more Noro yarns to make some felted party purses with a few modifications of my own for my sisters in laws and an aunt. Instead of doing the smart thing and going with boring yarn and making my own stripes of colors, I went for the GOOD stuff baby. So much for saving for my future and that of my children's. I didn't spend all the money, just a little more than I would have had I not cleaned up the night before.

Sat. night I realized I'm truly an OLD WOMAN now. I gave up free dinner, drinks, dancing and unbelievable sex with a young friend/flirty guy (10 yrs younger) one of those strange "fwp" (friends with priviledges) to hang out with Mark & Russell and eat & chat & look at pictures & catch up and go home early to knit....OMG where's the dance party chic??? Has she died??? she's still breathing, just buried deep. I actually didn't want to have to shave my legs and wanted to cuddle up on the couch with their little doggies on my lap and be mellow.

Sunday I organized my yarns into this old canvas sweater hanging shelves thing and realized I have entirely too much crap to have only been knitting for a few months. Also had too much fun and will take a pic as I'm very proud of my work. DORK I know it, but I love it.

LAST workplace update/bitch of the day (ok the last bitch I'll type anyway) is that we're all decorated for fall....I brought in an orange pumpkin full of mini Hersheys, and now the ladies bathroom (that we KNOW hasn't been cleaned in over 12 weeks) now is fall-colored as well. There is a lovely yellow/green stain on the floor all around the toilet...the old stains in the middle of the floor have now turned dark burgandy and when I couldn't take it any more and thought maybe I'd just lysol everything and at least use the toilet brush to swish it around, it had a FREAKING SPIDER WEB connecting it to the WALL. THEN I saw the brush itself, that used to be white, is now a mixture of dark orange shades. Forget driving along the east coast or to the ozark hills for the foliage, go visit the dungeon's LADIES ROOM. Someone PLEASE tell Miss Hateful to CLEAN THE DAMN PLACE! I'm going to have to start going to Mr. Goodcents to go potty in a public restroom vs the one here.

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