Wednesday, October 20, 2004


OMG I finally FINALLY sewed my little party-purse's handles and bottom and ends and all that and ran it through the old washer a few times and I FREAKING LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Here's before & after. I'm also working on a better link to show my projects while "on the needle" and through completion, so be patient and it should hopefully get better!

before & after:

I can't wait to get started on the boogey bag or sophie or something else FELTED!!!

Also got my act together and finished another red/orange fluffy scarf and am starting 2 more like my first scarf, but in other color schemes for the xmas parties. Here's the first 2:

Got the "easy" NOTICE THE QUOTES "easy" tank front done up to the point where I get to start decreasing but the pattern has NO directions for exactly how to do that, so I'm thinking I'll head to Knit Wits and see if one of the customers can show me how to proceed so I don't end up frogging any more of this thing:

And, this is quite possibly the strangest mix of yarns I ever saw in a $50 ball. It knitted up a strange thin scarf that actually looks kind of cool with a simple scoop-neck black top wrapped around the neck about 2-3 times:

For those of you following the work drama, it's stranger than ever, but I can't quite elaborate here yet. Just know that most of the day I had this look on my face like a fish out of water with my eyeballs bulging out and my mouth gaping open (really quite attractive if I do say so myself).

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