Monday, October 18, 2004

Things I've learned in the Dungeon

SO, another week starts down here. This week I have no more "sick little boy" excuses, got to be here all week long. It's a good thing that Joey's feeling better, but I am still glad that if he had to get sick, it happened at the biggest stress-week we had lately so I got out of the line of fire for now.

Well, by observing the strange little environment down here I learned a thing or two...

#1--> If your bosses are suddenly concerned for you working too hard and find "help" and you get to train them to "ease your load" start looking for a job FAST. There's no such thing as free help in the dungeon, you're just training the poor chick getting stuck with your duties before they escort you out the door.

#2--> Don't bring more personal items down to the dungeon than you can comfortably carry in one trip. Watching a poor guy carrying about an apartment's worth of furniture, star wars dolls (or are they "action figures" once you're a grown man?) and other stuff up & down the stairs while we're all working is not a good thing. (I got pissy a couple of weeks ago and took every personal thing out of here so none of the bad kharma would touch my pictures of kids or other personal doo=hickey's I'd amassed down here so I'm good to go at a moment's notice).

#3--> The ones who wouldn't mind being laid off and get unemployment (I even volunteered) are the ones the dungeon-masters will hold onto until the bitter end. The ones who desperately need the job are those that are booted out the door.

#4--> Companies with less than 50 employess are not eligible for Family Medical Leave Act or any of the other government regulations that make sure employees are treated fairly and legally. It just doesn't matter.

#5--> It is JUST A JOB. It cannot define who you are. I do my job, I leave and go home. Once I reach sunlight again, I leave the crap behind me (or is it below me?) and get on with my life. It's just sad to see those who this place has broken...

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