Monday, October 04, 2004

Beautiful weekend!

OK, I'm all "shiny, happy people" feeling today. Back at work, no Miss H. :) It's made a huge difference in the general attitude of the entire place. It's amazing how infectious evil attitudes can be. By general consensus, work has gone back to "The Dungeon" as "The Underworld" sounds too much like a bad mythological story.

Did nothing, went nowhere this weekend AGAIN except for kid stuff, knitting and cleaning. Woo Hoo the life I live, man the excitement is barely containable. Actually, I really enjoyed the break, which is scary.

I knitted my heart out, started a thinner scarf out of the same Schaeffer yarn I made Jildo's scarf for myself, got 9" done on the easy tank (done in green heathery yarn) and couldn't bring myself to frog any of the sexy tank start. I just keep trying to convince myself it will work, but I think I'm going to have to face reality and start over. It is just such small stitches on thin needles and had so much time invested.

Watching tv Sat night as When Harry Met Sally came on. Damn Meg Ryan, last weekend I watched You've Got Mail and ended up all melancholy and weepy. I cried my damn eyes out at the end of this one too. I'm basically happy with my life until those DAMN movies come on. Why don't I meet an extremely wealthy, sensitive, sexy, funny man who looks like a movie star walking down the street?? Yeah right. I'd get tired of him in a couple of months anyway. Changed channels to HGTV, saw some organizational show, got motivated and redid my piles of crap in one closet and a dresser. Felt much better about the world. NO more Sat. night Meg Ryan movies. I was smart enough not to watch Cast Away the other night, I cried for hours after that one when I saw it. Heck, I cry at oreo commercials, so that's not that big of a deal.

My kids now officially have better social lives than I do. This weekend was birthday party central. MAN you can only take so much of being in those kid-heaven-parent-hell kind of places! Kaleidoscope at Crown Center was pretty cool, the kids had a blast and it wasn't too stressfull until we all walked across to the food court for bday cake...the kids just took off running and turned a corner and were GONE. Thank God my munchkins stopped at the end of the hall and didn't follow the rest of the little 5yr old psychos. Two of the moms didn't even look for their kids once we all got caught up and got the little monsters back going the right direction. I said, "um, I don't see your son..." and she was like "oh, he'll figure it out, we shop down here all the time." Another mom looked at me with the OMG expression, I took her son with my kids and she went and found the little guy, who was taking apart the train in the expensive train store (not the toy store) that you weren't supposed to touch. He was on a whole other level of the mall. Cripes. Good guardian angels or something.

Afternoon at Bump City, a LOUD hyped-up version of a gymnastic place with cool stuff and the kids had a blast. Sunday we went to Jeepers which I believe is Chuck-E-Cheese on Crack. They have the obnoxious loud games, tickets you have to carry around, stupid prizes your kids will sell your soul for AND indoor roller-coasters, bumper cars, train, and other rides as well as really really bad pizza. We survived pretty well on not too much out-of-pocket extra $$ and Joey & I each hit a ticket jackpot and we got 3 big ol' inflated toys, scooby doo, wolverine and a dolphin. We looked like we were stumbling home from the fair...lugging all this crap home. They had a blast, and I survived, so that's what matters.

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