Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Midnight blogging

OK, it's midnight. I haven't knit a thing. I haven't gotten any homework done on my last class. I HAVE had too much fun reading reading reading all these blogs. Working on my blogroll, but it's pretty boring. I'm setting some new goals:

#1 --> Knit an actual sweater or tank top and WEAR it, being the ultimate sexy chic in knits (or at least feel that way)

#2 --> Get into grad school, get out of the dungeon

#3 --> Work on the blog format, get more attitude and less fluff

#4 --> Write an entry that doesn't take 15 minutes to read

#5 --> Battle the urge to eat EVERYTHING in this house

#6 --> Felt the damn party purse I knit, just have to sew the straps and wash wash wash it

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