Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Have I really not posted since last week?

WOW, well, lets see...my son's sinus surgery went well, but there were a few icky things that came of it. For newer readers, my son Joey (shown below with his uncle Mike) has cystic fibrosis (CF) and has been a very healthy little guy for his first 4 1/2 years. Basically, it's a genetic disease that affects his lungs & digestion as well as his sinuses. It pretty much sucks. We raise $$ each year in the big CF walk in May and I'll have a link to donate to "TEAM JOEY" added later to the site. In my links is the official CF site with more info. They are close at finding not quite a cure, but some good meds to help these people live normal, healthy lives long into their adult-hood.

Joey was a trooper and went under at Children's Mercy in KC (we are SO lucky to have them right here!) with the best ENT surgeon who is also a mom and has the best kid-side manner as well as being good at her stuff. He had more polyps and infection than they thought, and more tissue & gunk was removed than originally planned. He recovered fine, stayed one night and went home Sat. The people at work (I know I bitch about most of them, but this was pretty sweet) sent a big-ass cookie bouquet and he was all excited. I was proud of myself for not eating his cookies, as I've apparently dealt with the stress that is my life by EATING everything in site until I almost barf and knitting. (often at the same time)

The only prob is the stuff they removed cultured 3 infections. One is not a big deal, the 2nd one is a mildly bad thing that should also respond well to antibiotic treatment, but the 3rd is a bad sucker. Not the really bad cf one, but it's one level down from this thing that hits CF kids and does bad things to their lungs and is very antibiotic-resistant. The good surgeon was on vacation after the procedure, so I've gotten to deal with the one who talks down to mothers, thinks we have no business asking questions or, heaven forbid, questioning their prescribing a weaker antibiotic that my son has already built an immunity to and that since he's been on it since JUNE and we had to have the surgery to get rid of the infection as well as other stuff, MAYBE that wasn't the right plan??? (I was VERY diplomatic when discussing things, really). Let's just say I didn't have a very good time the last few nights while listening to my little guy struggle to breathe without coughing up a lung.

SO, I sat and cried a bit when I should have been sleeping, OK, salt has to be cleansing for the face and all those zits that are now here as my body's craving for chocolate has reached an all-time half-bag-of-oreos-at-a-sitting level has brought out!!! I started reading all the knitting blogs that I follow as well as a few friends' as well. I didn't feel like typing myself, but I had a good time, had a few chuckles and ended up going to bed without eating any candy. OK, there's none actually left in the house, but I wasn't craving it either. :)

SO, long story (do I tell any others, sorry!) ending here. My son's better, we're working with someone in his CF clinic and the GOOD surgeon tomorrow to find a good system of meds to get rid of the bad stuff before it gets to the scary level and he's already feeling better and running around like a regular obnoxious boy again (just can't breathe well or sleep good at night yet)! I'm all inspired and had FUN reading my little blog friends, catching up on what's happening and what great things people are making and I knit the crap out of the "easy tank" and a new scarf to boot. I'm ready to start shaping my first armhole and I'm too excited. I've really GOT to get a life! I'll add pics soon.

This may sound tacky, but if your son has to be sick with a cruddy thing, how great is it that it happens at the same time as the big bosses are in town and things are at an all-time stressful level in the dungeon??? bwaa haa haa....evil, I know, but MAN he couldn't have picked a better time. I really REALLY may have more time on my hands soon, but at least I got out of a lot of not-fun meetings and today my little half-day (while Joey went to work with Grandpa in the am) happened to be the day the not-so-happy-person didn't make it in to the office.....JACKPOT! Don't worry, Miss Hateful was in rare form and stomped around the door to my office and complained about things that were my fault just out of my direct area, but you know, I just smiled and smiled......OH, and the icky, nasty floors in the bathroom and kitchen still have the same stains PLUS more.....wonder if we'll benefit from any more emails from Miss H?

I swear I'm going to stop typing now, thanks for all the happy thoughts everyone sent!

My daughter's first over-night camp-out is this Thursday night and it's supposed to be in the 30's!!!! Of course I used to be little miss girl scout, princess of all the outdoors, but now I'm an old, cold lady who's going to freeze her BUTT off and pee in a frozen outhouse in the dark.....THEN get up and go to work in the cold dungeon...

MUST STOP TYPING................................

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