Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Yup, I'm officially stylin' today. Apparently the 2 months' vacation I took from eating sensibly and jogging 3 miles a day have taken their toll. I went from energetic & trim to chubby overnight. Must've been all those chocolate zingers...That or the closet ghosts in my house have conspired to shrink ALL my clothes so they are uncomfortable and look crappy on me. I do actually think I have closet ghosts. Someone or thing keeps leaving my sliding closet doors and the coat closet sliding doors open about an inch when I swear I've closed them. It could be my kids, but I prefer to think of it as proof that there's something shrinking my clothes.

I've now eaten sensibly (aka BORING) since Sunday and still feel like crap. I want INSTANT GRATIFICATION HERE. Why does it take 6 months to lose 12 pounds and 2 months to gain them back??? My other complaint is I KNOW I lost some of that poundage from my sad barely-A-cup chest and NONE of it came back there. Nope, my butt & thighs are getting pretty greedy.

SO, wearing a white stretchy shirt that just isn't quite stretchy enough today. Not quite a fashion faux paux on its own, but add the spaghetti stain from lunch (one sad little dot standing out in orange) to the diet coke splash across the lower right front side and I'm WORKING this thing baby.

Cripes. I need to put on an ankle bracelet and feather my hair and get a really bitchy look on my face to complete my transformation into Miss Hateful. SPEAKING of which, I KNOW it's a small office here in the dungeon, but HOW many freaking times do I need to run into her today??? I've had more than my quota of dirty looks, hateful sighs and having to walk past her to make up for the peaceful days off I had when I was home with my son. I bet she could make the devil himself shudder with one of her looks. I still smile wide each time as that seems to piss her off the most.

I'm going to walk for a mile tonight on the treadmill of hell and then reward myself with starting a new knitting project. Can't decide what to start. I think I'll start another little felted purse for an Xmas present.

I am working on adding a link to a bunch of free projects I want to start on, hope to have it up and running in a couple of days.

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