Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Wednesday already???

Cripes, I'm getting old fast. I swear time flies by before I know it. 2005? August? WEDNESDAY??? It's a good thing I've already got the grumpy old lady's soul inside this almost-middle-aged body. Old age? BRING IT ON BABY I'm ready.

My major accomplishment for the week was cleaning out the tiny drawer in my bedside table and one small junk drawer in the bedroom. Somehow these two SMALL dimensions yielded enough crap to fill an entire yellow trash bag. I went back to trying to reclaim my closets and realized I have more clothes than a woman could POSSIBLY wear in a year. Plus they all suck. OK I have a few nice pieces, but the rest is crap. crap crap crap. I started more yellow trash bags for donations, ebay and trash. I went into Joey's room and realized the child has 47 t-shirts. FOURTY-SEVEN T-SHIRTS. I think he wears about 7 of them. This resulted in more piles of crap, more yellow trash bags and now my nice little "hey let's organize a tiny area of space to make my living area more peaceful" has resulted in my bedroom (my oasis from the clutter of life) now resembles the drop-off spot at the local Goodwill. nice.

OH, I knit my fingers to the bone before the wedding and EVEN made a gauge and everything and the one-skein wonder turned out beautifully, but fit my daughter not me. I think I was measuring the wrong part of my shoulders so now I went out and bought MORE yarn and am working on one for mommacita. I'm planning on wearing it (this one WILL fit me dammit) this Friday night. Jeff's having his 20 year high school reunion this weekend but isn't going. BUT his friends talked him into having a party on Friday night at his house for all of their old gang to get together. I got a babysitter lined up (my cousin--the BEST) for the whole night, so I can get a bit tipsy and not worry about getting a ride home. I want to wear the one-skein wonder over a black tank top I think. DAMMIT it's hard to decide what to wear to look better than the old girlfriends but not look like I'm TRYING to look better than them. Petty? yes. Shallow? yes. Do I care? NO.

Last rant for the day...does anyone else HATE IT when your kids start NOTICING things like YELLOW lights and RED lights and SPEED LIMITS??? I'm a totally safe mother, don't get your knickers in a knot here people, but OCCASIONALLY I may be a titch over the official speed limit. Yesterday we had to get Beth to the dr's by 9am as I thought the walk-in period went till 9:30, called just to make sure, and it was 8:50 and we were about 12 minutes away. She had tummy problems that I wanted to make sure wasn't an appendix (she just has to be like her momma and go poo more often so MORE veggies and such). ANYWAY, momma was hitting the speed pretty hard and went through a yellow/red/orange light on the way (looking to make sure no one was starting early through the intersection, don't worry) and I had the damn speed police in the backseat. Beth: "MOOOOO-OOOOMMMMMMM, that speed limit sign said 35, and you are going more than that." Joey: "MOOOOOOO-OOOOOMMMMMMM, my teachers say you're supposed to slow down for yellow lights." cripes.

Actually the last time I was pulled over for 45 in a 35, my HELPFUL children were pointing out to the police officer that mom was going faster down the hill before he saw us. When he asked if I knew why I was pulled over, the kids said "MOM was going number 50 and the sign said 35!" The cop actually laughed as I rolled my eyes and very nicely gave a warning.

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