Thursday, August 25, 2005

my honey

SO, Jasper's is now our official restaurant of love.... I love that place! Of couse, the food was to die for, yummy yummy yummy. We did the special $25/person dinner thing and it was SO GOOD. Part of the $$ goes to feed the hungry right here in the US and Canada and the dinner would normally cost you upwards of $50/person. It's still going on tonight, so if you're in the KC area, get yourself there. I ate for about an hour and a half straight. The dessert was this amazing peach fluffy pastry with custard thingy and it was SO GOOD. Jeff is not a sweets eater (how does that happen?) and so he picked a few peaches out of one of the desserts and I ate the entire thing AND have the other one in the fridge for later today. mmmmmmmmm. We had the sweetest waiter in the world, this guy, Anthony, was all smiles and I mean GOOD service! We drank wine, we ate salmnon, chicken, sausages, amazing veggie salads with some marinade that ALMOST made me want to cook sometime, desserts, and this cool after-dinner lemon cello drink that they make in the back. I'm sure I'm spelling it wrong, but it was yummy.

NOW my honey and I have come to the conclusion that we are meant to be together. forever. All together now, AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW. I keep getting asked "where did you find him?" Well, you have to have a crappy-ass first marriage, horrible divorce, a little fun while sowing your wild oats again, and more crap to put up with. Throw in a psycho Kenny Rogers look-alike married guy, a few stalkers and lose all hope of ever falling in love. Then, make friends with two pushy older ladies that have your best interests at heart. Then open your eyes and your man will magically appear.

I wouldn't trade my life and those experiences for anything. They've made me who I am. They also make me appreciate when good things happen in life. I want to thank my good friends, family and my honey for being a part of my life. (You bloggers are included in the good friends here so thanks!) Seriously, life is good.

SO, back to the "together forever" thing, startled you, huh? Yup. I'm NOT going to jump into any new marriage thing, but it looks like we're talking about moving in together and making a big ass brady bunch of a family. Maybe this summer, we'll see. After a bit of time goes by and we make sure of things, we'll maybe do the M-thing. But quietly. with a big-ass party afterwards.

HOPEFULLY we won't all stress out and kill each other bringing his kids and my kids to my folks' lake house for Labor Day weekend. My folks don't have a normal lake house. We used to have a normal lake house. This is their home they're going to retire to, so it has all the nice stuff in it. Nice, breakable stuff. Lots of it. I'm thinking we'd better spend a LOT of time in the lake, on the docks and on the boats.

JILDO'S COMING TO TOWN!!! My very best friend is coming to town this weekend and I can't wait to see her! WOO HOO lady! Those makeup and perfume counters at Dillard's should be smokin' soon! OH, Lancombe is having their free gift now. Let me know if anyone hears when Clinique has their next free gift. I need more eye makeup remover. I'm still TOTALLY loving my bare escentuals mineral crap. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

I also LOVE my religion class, who'd of thunk it??? The professor is this COOL, funny, interesting guy and after the 2nd chapter of the textbook it no longer makes you want to stick pencils in your eyes. NO BUSY WORK WHATSOEVER!! Can I get a woo hoo? WOO HOO! We just have to be ready to discuss stuff, do a mid term and final and two projects where you go to a religion different than yours and attend 3 services or functions and report on it. I'm going BUDDAH baby. There's a cool temple down on SW Boulevard I've heard of and am going to check it out. The class is through JCCC but is taught at a MALL. Next to Dillards. OK, so it's the Mission Mall, which is pretty lame, but STILL in a mall 3 times a week. Heaven must be something like this.

Gotta quit typing as my little fingers are shriveling up. Plus I'm hungry and the peach fluffy dessert is calling my name for breakfast. Hey, there's fruit in there, so it works.

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