Monday, August 29, 2005

Holy crap, there's PEOPLE out there!

OK, so we bloggers are comfy. Sitting at home or work (for those of you with no moral fiber whatsoever *smirk*) just typing away, saying whatever comes into our heads without really interacting with the world outside. When BAM walking along, spending budgeted grocery money on yarn, you run SMACK into someone that RECOGNIZES you! I was at the Yarn Shop & More on Sat. with both kids in tow. On the way out, I had this cute little chicadee come up and ask if I were Christine? I'm thinking "oh crap, who's husband did I flirt with now?" but no! It was a BLOGGER from Florida, up visiting a friend in KC!!! It was the coolest thing EVER. My first blog-sighting. I'm telling you, this made my whole weekend. I was all giddy and goofy and such! I would've hugged the girl, but couldn't as I was a bit stinky and funky haired and icky. (Went out to the casino with my best friend Jildo the night before, got up too early with the kids and Jeff and made pancakes for breakfast, went garage-sale-ing with kids and had only a few minutes to get to the LYS before they closed and before I had to drop off Beth for a sleep-over, so NO SHOWER and I was all sweaty from KC humidity ON TOP of the left-over casino stank smell from the night before. I did at least brush my teeth, so I wasn't a total pirhanna.)

ANYWAY, Tampa blogger, you need to email me your blog link so I can catch up on what you're knitting down south! I know you told me, but if you have EVER read this blog, you'll know I'm not the more organized person in the world. Consider yourself virtually hugged, lady!

OK, one saving grace was that my kids were being pretty good in the shop. I may have stank, but at least we weren't having "a mommy melt-down moment". You know those moments, where you have no patience left, it doesn't matter that it's in public, you are down to the kiddo's level, threatening them with all kinds of horrible fates or being a royal biotch or something embarrasing like that when you run into someone you know. Not that I've ever done that, nope.

SO, now that I'm feeling all famous and such, back to regular updates on the life and times of the Knitting Virgin....Friday night I got to go catch up with my best friend in the world, Jildo. I love you babe. Jeff and his brother-in-law were doing "dad duty" and the kids and I stayed over Friday night and woke up to Jeff cooking pancakes. Then he went his way with the boys and I went my way with the redheads.

Sat. night Beth went to a sleepover with a friend, so Joey and I had our own sleepover. I was still all happy and loopy and somehow agreed to take the kid to Chuck E Cheese's. I FREAKING HATE THAT PLACE. It's like like a kiddy crack rave for munchkins. I thought, oh, we'll just run to the local one off Metcalf. Yeah. First, half of the machines were broken. Then, Mr. and Mrs. Grabby-Hands were making sure no other children played the games their little kids were getting ready to play. Not like Joey was cutting anyone off here, no. We'd wait until a kid got done, stick our tokens in and rack up the worthless tickets. NO, these parents were holding places with their FEET while their kids played OTHER GAMES. The man actually pulled my child out of the way so his kid could walk over from another game. I about smacked him. Then I saw his wife looked like a white George Foreman AFTER he quit fighting and got all big but still looks really tough and thought better of it. We got out of there in under an hour, my personal record. Joey had fun, collected his crap to add to the other worthless plastic crap "treasures" and was all happy.

We go home, watch the chiefs play on tv. Jeff took his boys to the game and I knew they had seats right in the end-zone, so I knew to look for them. TONY FREAKING GONZALES hopped up and handed the touchdown football to Jeff's older boy. SWEAR TO GOD. Right there, handed it to the blond spiky headed kid. TOO COOL. We've all watched the replay of the tape now at least 10 times, HOW COOL IS THAT?????

I knitted and knitted and knitted and knitted in a bit of a frenzy all weekend. I even did a PROVISIONAL CAST-ON, impressed? Basically you crochet a chain and pick up stitches from it and then weave the thing together when you're done. I was so impressing myself. I woke up Sunday morning, knitting away and knitted myself a migraine. great. No more knitting for me. Imitrix pills are my friends!! I laid around like a dead thing and Jeff came to visit and took all the kids downstairs and let them run around for a while to give me a break. I felt better towards evening and we went and ate grilled steak and mashed potatoes with his folks and his sister's family. It was a beautiful night, kids playing kickball and baseball and we sat in the screened-in porch with the ceiling fan running and just being all peaceful. All in all, a great weekend was had by all.

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