Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Another hot date

SO, tonight's the night we head back to Jasper's for their DiRona Week special dinner. Should be yummy and I'll give details tomorrow. My honey has the romantic "table 10" reserved and we're doing the get-all-dressed-up thing as well. Last time it was so cute. Jeff was actually kind of nervous at first like a real date. Turns out the mood, the food, the conversation, THE WINE all got him to realize he's in love with me and the next day was when he told me the first time. That restaurant has a special place in my heart because of that. (And their tirimisu is to DIE FOR which doesn't hurt either.)

What else is going on around here? OH LORDY LORDY LORDY how did I have two HAPPY FREAKING MORNING CHILDREN??????? Everything was going well the first couple of days of school last week. I'd get up at 7am, wake both kids and they'd struggle out of bed, put on clothes, go to the bathroom, brush teeth, etc. while I took a shower. We'd head out and they'd eat breakfast while I got ready, we packed up and got to school right on time. Then Monday dawned a bit BEFORE dawn. 6am. Both of them wide freaking awake. LOUD awake. Not ignorable awake. I stumbled around, growled all morning, tried my best not to fall back asleep after everyone was dressed and ready. Tuesday am. 5:30. YES FIVE FREAKING THIRTY am. I was NOT a happy momma. A bit of threatening was done. I stayed in bed amidst fighting about who dropped whose shirt on the ground, who squirted whose toothpaste on the wrong toothbrush and other lovely topics. You know how depressing it is to realize the eye makeup remover isn't faulty, your skin under your eyes is black because it's DYING from lack of sleep???? wow. A nap is in the plans for this afternoon before my date with my honey. You KNOW you're too tired when your hard pressed wood desk with the trim stapled and scotch taped together is looking quite comfy.

I've got my tote bag packed for my class. New spiral notebook, pen, book, KNITTING. Gotta have that. I don't think I'll get away with knitting in class, but I should be able to get a bit done before we start. It's amazing how much you can get done on those mindless knit knit knit for a million rounds in the middle of the felted purses if you do it while waiting in traffic, waiting in line to pick up kids, etc.

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