Tuesday, August 23, 2005

They PAY you to get botox????

SO, anyone in the kc area wanting botox? I was listening to the latest quintiles ad and they want people with moderate to severe frown lines between their eyes or on their forehead to receive a botox-like treatment AND they pay you $900. I don't think I'm up for it, but thought I'd pass word along. I've done a few medical studies for Quintiles and they seem pretty on the level. So far I've just done the give some blood, get paid $50 or $100, I'm a bit leery of them sticking anything into me or drugging me. Now, if they were offering a boob job, I'd be CLAWING AT THE DOOR TO GET IN. You all let me know if you hear of any boob job volunteers needed. I'd bump up my little half-A's for B's or C's in the name of science in a HEARTBEAT BABY!!

So, the lovahboy is letting me help decorate his house bit by bit. Woo hoo! He only moved into this house about a month before he and I started dating (so no other ho's have been "shake it, shake it, shake-it like a polaroid picture"-ing there before me. I like being the first ho in his home. ANYWAY, the boy has almost nothing. He bought himself a big red couch for the living room and stuck it against one wall and that was it in the whole room. WEEEELLLLLLL, when he asked if I'd like to help, I was all HECK YEAH! Now he's only spent $300 and has a COOL rug in squares of muted natural greens & browns and earthy tones and a black leather giant ottoman-looking coffee table. I also rearranged the furniture and now he has a cozy area for sitting & reading the paper or talking with guests with a couch, a cool table he'd made long ago for an end table, two comfy chairs and a behind the couch table from my basement. It turns out we have very similar taste and he was all happy and everything. awwwww. He wanted everything in it to be something I liked and would enjoy for years to come. It seems we may be quite serious. STILL no ring, no worries, but some talk of futures that is not scaring me. love it love it love it.

Knit Knit Knit Knit......Knit knit knit knit.... that's me trying to crank out more felted bags. I had a nightmare the other night that the circ needles were all breaking in half and there were no more to be had. I was trying to make my own, but they kept melting.

What else? OH YEAH. I stood in line for 55 minutes to buy a $55 dollar book for the good ol' religion class. It really REALLY doesn't look very interesting, but maybe it will surprise me. My honey likes to learn about different religions, so he's all excited and wants to read my chapters with me. Maybe he'll want to do the homework for me? Good thing was I stuck in the last book in the Little House series, The First Four Years in my purse before I left to read while waiting in line to pick up kids after school. I read 98 pages while waiting in line at the bookstore. I may have gone NUTS otherwise. Then, because parking at good ol' JCCC is SO FREAKING wonderful, I walked LONG ways in the drizzle and couldn't find my car. cripes. I just kept walking and walking and clicking my little alarm until I found it. smmmmoooooth baby.

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