Monday, August 22, 2005

Major Accomplishments of the day

#1--> I'm an official College Girl again. Ok, not so much "girl" as College Old Lady! woo hoo. Now don't get all excited, I had to have a religion class to complete the old undergrad degree. I'm all for learnin' about relgion, but Exploring World Relgion just doesn't get my blood flowing. I'm hoping to not fall asleep or run from the room screaming when all the countries, gods, etc. run together in my head.

#2--> Both children dressed, fed, teeth brushed, backpacks on delivered to school ON TIME. (I know moms do this every stinking day without thinking of it, but for me it's always been an accomplishment.)

#3--> Ate Taco Bell IN THE CAR while wearing a WHITE shirt and getting NO stains whatsoever on myself. Yup. First time ever. Two tacos with sauce, bean burrito no onions. If you saw some crazy lady chomping while driving down I-435 steering with her knee while wearing napkins tucked into her tank top and covering her pantlegs, that would have been me. I still can't eat spaghetti while wearing white, but that's a project for another day.

#4--> Sewed in ends on two more little purses for the big sale (Jewish Community Center in KC at 117th and Nall right next to the Sprint Mega-Complex from 11am-7pm on Sunday, Sept. 18th). STILL way freaking BEHIND, but only moderately stressed. moderately. When I get to Sept. 1st, I may become a freak of nature with crippled little hands stuck to circ needles moaning "merino.....I need more kettle died merino...." But for now I'm copacetic.

#5--> Not screaming when old Kenny Rogers called to check in. The man got a new cell phone, so new number and I answered it without thinking. CRIPES.

On a side note, my daughter's starting the Little House on the Prairie series. I'm LOVING that. I'm a bit of a Little House junkie. I am not ashamed to admit that. I even got Joey interested from watching the miniseries on tv last summer. Now at bedtime, I read Little House in the Big Woods to Joey and his sister's moving onto the Little House on the Prairie. I couldn't help myself. Had to re-read the whole dang series yet again. It's been a few years. I am in the midst of Farmer Boy and am amazed at how often knitting and spinning come up in the daily lives of these people. Almanzo's family raised merino sheep, so she would card, spin, weave, knit, create clothes, felt material for waterproof/windproof coats, hats, gloves etc. She gathered berries to dye the yarn in big kettles out on bonfires. Laura, Mary and her sisters were constantly knitting as well. It was like you found out a special treat about an old friend.

Yes, I'm a dork. Yup, too far gone to save.

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