Wednesday, August 31, 2005


shin splints suck. How can jog/walking HALF A MILE give you shin splints? OH, yeah, being LAZY for the last few months would do that.

I've been reading all my bloggeroo's out there, but haven't had time to comment, so you are all going to get those week-long synopsis comments from me.

OH my secret pal struck again and I mean this chic sent some GOOD STUFF!!! Pics and details tomorrow I promise. My kids were even jumping around going nuts and Beth ran off with the COOLEST card with little flowers cut & sewn all over it. I think we're going to frame it and put it in her bedroom as it goes with the funky flower girl power theme she's got started in there. THANKS SECRET PAL!!! I FINALLY got my package ready to go to my pal, good thing she seems to be a patient woman.

OK, I'm a total KC fan. I love the chiefs, I love the royals. Yes, the poor boys in blue. Actually, the multi-millionaire boys in blue. BUT David Letterman did have a funny zing the other night. He was congratulating the Hawaiian baseball team that won the little league world series and he said they beat the KC Royals. hah. sorry guys. Ok, so it was funnier when he said it, but it actually made me snort a piece of popcorn half-way out my nose. ick.

How wrong is it that I thought of all those women down south in Katrina-land not only losing their homes, pictures and possessions but their STASHES too? During times of great stress, my knitting brings me a kind of meditative peace to help deal with big issues. Maybe we should do a "send some stash south" campaign or something once people get rebuilding? We'd probably have to change the name, though, or a buncha druggies would be getting all excited about the wrong kind of "stash."

OK, man update. You gotta fall for a guy who can fix stuff. seriously. I went garage sale-ing with the kids Sat. and found a FREE cedar chest that had a few cracks and a broken top and was painted hideously OLD LADY PINK. But it was FREE and it was CEDAR and I thought.....mmmmmmm......potential yarn home...... and dumped it at my bf's house for him to let me know if it was save-able or not. I told him I'd do the refinishing if he'd tell me if he could fix the wood parts or not. He's ALREADY taken it apart, cleaned it and started replacing the wood and stipping the icky paint. I likee my man.

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