Tuesday, August 30, 2005

W.O.W. women on weights class started today

ooooofffff. Does that sum it up? WOW is right. I have this membership to the J center, so I thought I'd get my lazy butt moving again. Tues and Thurs mornings. ooooooffff oooooooffff ooooooooofffffffffffffff

SO, did you know those cute giant bouncy balls in gyms are implements of Satan? Did ya? You just THINK they're cute because they're powder blue and purple and soothing green. APPARENTLY you have to have a bit of balance and grace to do this shXt. SO, I'm actually doing good. I get there and make a little friend, lets call her Darcie. Darcie and I make it through the leg machines, the chest machines and all the rest of the free weights. We are working out with some SERIOUS weight lifting rich mommas with nothing better to do than make their butts even tighter and boobs lift even higher. I was trying REALLY hard not to hate them, but COME ON PEOPLE!!!!! Boobs should not be that perky that early in the morning. Actually, NOTHING should be perky that early in the morning. Darcie was cute and fun, but I didn't hold it against her as she also had a touch of sarcasm.

ANYWAY, back to the balls of hell. The first exercise wasn't too bad. I had one foot on the floor, one knee and one hand on the ball and did rows (like bending over and starting your lawnmower but pulling a weight). Not too shabby. A little wobblin, got the job done. We went on to other stuff and back to the balls with situp things on them. Also a touch of wobbling, but I'm getting cocky. I've mastered the bouncy balls. I am queen of weights. THEN cute weight training blondie shows me how to lean my belly on the ball, stabilize it with my toes on the ground, put my hands behind my head and do reverse situps (relax the belly over the ball, then lift up backwards) and I FALL OFF THE FREAKING BALL. onto the floor. seriously. I try again, my feet slide out, body rolls forward and this time I was quick enough to catch myself with my hands before literally kissing the floor. huh. Blondie came running over and "oooh, this happens once in a while, don't worry...use the stabilizer ball" This is the ball they use for the old ladies. It has things sticking out of it. It looks like a giant udder of a cow with teats all over one side. I get back on the big boy, grab ahold of the udders with a hand to stabilize myself and repeat the performance of almost hitting the ground. APPARENTLY the udder/teat looking things are to go ON THE GROUND and it helps you balance. Lets just say I was glad when that crap was over. Darcie and I ended up jogging/walking about a half mile before we both decided enough of that crap for one day.

Last night I was a knitting felting factory. I finished three more little bags that I'd needed a handle for, or to sew in ends, or just to felt. I was deeply disappointed in one big bag, but the others are turning out pretty cute. I'll take a pic once everything's out and drying. I couldn't figure out why it was taking so long for some of my noro bags to felt and I realized I have a button for AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE CONTROL, hence totally keeping the water from getting too hot. jeez. I think I wasted at least half a pond's natural environment sending water through that damn machine all evening.

OH, I am SO BUYING THIS SHIRT!!! Friends don't let friends knit UGLY from you knit what? Nice one ladies! OK, all together now, "U G L Y, You ain't got no alibi, you ugly, yeah yeah you ugly!" Just say no to ugly. Coming from a chic who has YET to actually WEAR a sweater-type item she's knit so beggars can't be choosers, but ah well. I've knit my share of furry ugly things too.

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