Friday, August 26, 2005

Working in the rain....just working in the rain

Now, who wouldn't want to be in a damp basement office during this non-ending rain every day weather? huh? I have quite the little roly-poly graveyard going on behind my desk and there's a whole family reunion of crickets somewhere around the corner just chirping their hearts out. Actually I'm sitting here finishing my breakfast of champions aka diet coke and chocolate zingers. mmmmmm. OK, see my women on weights class and jazzercise is all set to start NEXT WEEK, so this week momma's enjoying the finer things in life. Plus I'm pms-ing and chocolate craving BIGTIME. The only saving grace was the little quick shop thing was out of the bonus extra large zinger pack.

OH, my baby bro (the cutie who just got married and lives in Naples, FL) sent an email around to let us working people know their office is closed for the hurricane today. He said he's had more PAID hurricane days in the last year than he ever had as snow days as a kid in KS. Must be rough. Thanks for rubbing it in bro.

rain, rain, go away.... Getting tired of the wet stuff. It's not like it just RAINS all the time, that would be ok. I kinda like rainy days once in a while. I hate the drizzle, keep everything soaked and moldy and wet crap. We ended up with the strangest mushrooms growing in the backyard along with the regular toad-stool looking things. These things started out as small balls with surface that looked like brains. creepy. They grew within HOURS and by the end of the day were the size of small baseballs. Just big ol' balls. Miles the dog kept sniffing at them, so I kicked them up and threw them into the creek and they were really dense and heavy. Last night my doggie was just laying around and kind of wobbled drunkenly around towards the water dish. I took him outdoors and saw there were a few bite marks on one of the now softball sized mushroom balls I had missed. My dog was totally stoned on shrooms. poor thing. I got rid of the rest of the balls and the dog slept VERY WELL last night. He's acting normally today, so hopefully no more stoned doggie.

Lion Brand's coming out with 100% wool that's feltable. When's it hitting the stores? I wonder if it'll be cheaper than cascade??? Time will tell. It seems to come in some nice colors. Could be cool.

Miss San Antonio, there's a big knit/crochet event in your hometown! Knit-Out Crochet Too is at the San Antonio Central Library on Sat. Sept 17th from 9am-2pm teaching anyone that wants to learn either craft for free. You should take your little liberal friend over and check it out!

Anyone have sinus problems out there? Check out this stuff! My little Joey is now doing inhaled antibiotics through this cool Sinu-neb nebulizer. It's a bit of a pain as it is 3x a day and it smells icky, but he's a trooper. It's ALREADY made a difference and he sounds less "chuckie-like" (chuckie from rugrats, not the psycho murdering doll critter) after only 2 days. Only thing is that it adds to the crap he's already got to put up with, meds taken daily (26 pills, 3 liquids, 1 nose spray and 2 vitamins), 2 shaking treatments, 3 sinu-neb breathing treatments, sinus flushes and 1 lung breathing treatment. I swear I thought I'd never get out of the house today, hence the curlers and makeup application at the office. I guess I'll just have to get up EARLIER from here out. cripes. At least the little monsters didn't wake me until 6:15 today. If I would've got my lazy butt out of bed THEN I'd have been doing great. I think I stumbled out at 6:45 and tried to feed Beth the pills Joey takes with all his meals. They both went "MOOOOOO-OOOOOM" and rolled their eyes. I'm dangerous early in the am. The doping the child all damn day plan takes time, but each of the meds really seems to be working and everyone on the cf team is careful to make sure they all work together. We're hoping to scale back on a few of the sinus meds if the new inhaled antibiotics work. He really is a healthy happy little guy, there's just a lot of chemicals in the kid.

Beth told me she's now in charge of getting the cereal each morning to help and Joey wants to set the table. Sounds sweet, doesn't it? It's not so much that they want to help, but that the last few mornings I've given the wrong cereal to the wrong kids in the *gasp* wrong bowls. Can't just hand the bowls to the other kids, nope. Apparently the RED plastic bowl is for Joey, the cheerio eater and the PURPLE plastic bowl is for Beth, the fruit loop eater. Sometimes they decide to switch cereals, but never the bowls. I think they do it just to f*ck with me when I'm tired. Ah well. Cereal is now taken care of. The less I have to do early in the am the better. Yesterday I gave myself a curling-iron hickie. slipped and dropped the curling iron and got a nice little red mark on the ol throat. sweet. I was not brought into this world to be a morning person. I was born at 3pm and my momma was told by her doctor to drink a glass of beer each evening when she breastfed me to help her "let down". Late afternoons and drinking beer. It's ingrained in my soul. aka not my fault.

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