Monday, August 15, 2005

Quiet weekend? HAH

First of all, I forgot my TOP pet peeve...Invisible antipersperant/deoderants that are neither INVISIBLE nor do they stop you from sweating and stinking. UGH. ruined black tank tops anyone? cripes.

I do really love my big boobed skinny friends, I just get pissy and tired of being flat & bottom heavy. Ah well. Life goes on. MAYBE I can get off my butt and get moving and can inspire hate and jealousy in other women too! wouldn't that be great?

SO, how was your weekend? Nice, calm, walking in the beautiful weather? Not so much here. We were busy busy busy. Friday night WAS quiet. I completed two bags ready for the washing machine felting, pics hopefully tomorrow. Very cute. Nice and calm.

Saturday was SOAP BOX DERBY day at the Kansas Speedway. Only problem was, the access road we were using wasn't so speedy. Normally the soap box track in KC runs about 35 miles an hour. Those kids FLY down the hill in their little fiberglass and wooden cars. We were MAYBE pushing 5 miles an hour at the speedway. AND mother nature decided to dump some much needed rain on us as well. A few delays and time hiding under our GOOD new tarp ez-up thing with walls and some quick losses meant we got to pack up and head out before the final dumping of rain hit, causing the race to be completed on Sunday. We get home, momma's grumpy, Beth's grumpy, Joey's grumpy, we're just one bundle of happy energy. woo hoo.

Sunday dawns EARLY (ok, we were actually up before dawn). Dad takes Beth out to the Speedway track and leaves at 6:30am. ugh. Of course, little Joey decides to WAKE UP that early so no slipping back to bed for an extra half hour of sleep. Ah well. We head out around 8am. THIRTEEN HOURS later, we get home with these trophies... (Joey's is a pic of the morning after which looks much better than last night)...

Nutshell version, we have the BEST volunteers and parents group in the nation, I swear!! These people completed the first race, got a second race in and even started a third single-elimination race. We were basically racing the sunset (which won) to get these kids and their cars loaded onto the trailers and up the hill so they could go down in the almost dark and get the race completed. It could have been bedlam, but it was organized and unbelievable. Did I say those cars were HEAVY???? Beth's car weighs about 140 lbs. ugh ugh ugh. ANYWAY the last 3 times down the hill the trucks drove down behind them on the side to shine their lights onto the track and the kids were driving in the utter darkness. With two times left down the hill, I had Joey sitting with another little brother of a racer on a picnic table near the announcers' booth. I was afraid he'd get run over by one of the trucks while I was loading Beth's car. I'd sit by him until she came down, tell him to stay put and run onto the track to RUN carrying this car with another parent off the track and onto a trailer. WELL, I got Beth's car on, her put into the truck to go back up and one of the announcers brings me this screaming child with BLOOD running down his face and a goose-egg growing on his forehead. yup. Apparently the other boy was showing Joey how to stand on the bench of the table, put your hands up on the top and flip yourself off onto the parkinglot ground. Joey did it once, but the 2nd time landed on his face. It's pitch black outside, Dad's at the top of the hill and doesn't know what's going on, Beth's still getting ready to race two more times and there's NO ICE left in anyone's cooler as it's been one long-ass day. A mom finds me some cold water in her cooler (everyone's all packed up and ready to go as soon as the race is done) and I rip off my sweatshirt, dunk it into the water and hold that onto his head. We got into the truck to go home at 9:30pm, pitch black outside. Long day. Joey's eyes were dialating ok and he knew who he was, so it looked like no concussion, just a goose-egg. He's better today.

Meanwhile, Beth is doing GREAT and ends up with her very first TROPHY for 8th place. OH I wish you could have seen her face. It was glowing through the dark! SUCH JOY and she made some really nice friends too. We have one more race in September back at our old track and it's nice that Beth and Joey have got friends they will see again and Beth's confidence level is nice and high too!

drama drama drama

Thank goodness today isn't the first day of school. cripes.

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