Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Like a woman possessed

I swear before I write this that I am NOT pregnant. NOPE. Not the least. I take my little pill daily like a good girl as I've done MORE than my share bringing two red-headed munchkins into this world. That said, I swear I was nesting last night. You momma's remember nesting, right??? Oh, about 2 months to go before baby gets here and you go absolutely INSANE with the getting the house ready? I think after I started painting the baby's room (remember my kids' dad was NOT into actually helping or being excited about the pregnancy or anything) wearing a mask and standing on ladders and doing all the things you are NOT supposed to do while preggers, I went outside and started cutting the tufts of grass (we lived in NM in a mud puddle/old bean field east of the mountains) with a scissors. My ex would not cut the grass and it was pissing me off, so I went out, pulled weeds, and snipped our entire yard with my office scissors. (Not very much grass, not quite as crazy as it sounds, ok it still sounds crazy). Jeff's sister is nesting and keeps heading out to Nebraska Furniture Mart buying lots of furniture and carpet. Jeff's ex-wife bought a new house each time she was nesting, so I'm thinking snipping grass with scissors isn't too crazy now, is it?

ANYWAY, For those of you newer readers, I moved back in with the folks a ways back to be able to afford to LIVE and not work 3 jobs. My folks have a ranch house with an apartment downstairs with kitchen, bath, laundry, living areas, etc. They leave each weekend for the lake and are quite busy during the week, so we really only see each other a few minutes each day. It's not the ideal situation, but it allows me to be able to drop my kids off when school starts and pick them up when it's over rather than 13 hours of daycare/school like I was doing. BUT it's still living at home, ick. SO, I kept living in denial of "it's just for a short time..." so I was pretty much living out of boxes. Boxes and piles of crap in the kitchen, boxes and piles of crap in the living room, pantry (my old china hutch stored in my laundry room), boxes and piles of crap EVERYWHERE. Last night, I was like a woman possessed. I retook the house. I threw out 4 big yellow trash bags, (how DO I get that much CRAP in my house anyway? I know I'm only 2 steps from an Oprah special and NOT the good kind) washed washed washed cleaned cleaned cleaned.

I actually COOKED in my own kitchen downstairs last night. Ok, cooking by MY standards. We used the good ol' stoneware cookie sheet to make the WORLD'S BEST crinkly french fries (frozen) and ate that with applesauce, corn dogs and green beans. mmm mmm good. Any wonder why momma's a bit chubby??? anyone??? The kids loved it, I loved it, and I organized EVERYTHING. I now have all my kitchen utensils in ONE spot, stoneware in a cabinet, pitchers of lemonade in the fridge and found some cute little tupperware mold thingy's from when I was a little child. Beth and I are going to make little jello molds to go with dinner tonight. They're the kind with replacable ends that have stars, hearts, etc. on the bottom you can switch out. I now have a pantry with FOOD in it, a long CLEAN CLEAR counter with my appliances and extra working room and a clean stove, fridge and organized drawers and cabinets. It's actually quite frightening. I may even use the ol George Foreman grill for chicken breasts tonight. I made Beth and I strawberry/banana smoothies this am to go with breakfast, I was Martha Freaking Stewart, baby! SSSSHhhhhhh I even washed my apron, but haven't gone that nuts yet. Come on, why don't more people use aprons anymore? They're ever so stylish!

OH, RIGHT, KNITTING blog! I went shopping for my secret pal! So many pretty yarns! I've realized I really NEED to shop at both our KS stores. The Yarn Shop has its Fall Class Schedule up now. Anyone want to do the Moebius cast on? or the Entrelac Bag class? Fingerless gloves? fun fun fun! Also, they carry different stuff than Knit Wits in Olathe. Knit Wit's is the place to go for Debbie Bliss yarn and just GREAT sale stuff. I haven't even been into the Plaza shop yet, I'm afraid I'll just spend more more more than I can afford even now! Maybe for my bday I'll take myself to the Studio.

My honey's coming over to see me tonight after I get the kids to bed. yeah! It's hard with his kids, my kids, school, soccer, Beth's starting piano lessons soon... It makes you more appreciative of the time together. Did I tell you he's letting me decorate his living room? So far all I've done is rearrange the furniture and do a walk-through of his house and brought other stuff in and switched it like that show on HGN or Discovery or something. Only thing is the poor boy doesn't have much stuff, so it's a work in progress. I got to see the two ladies (Joey's preschool teachers from last year) that set us up yesterday. They were setting up for the new year and they saw my smile and were happy as could be. They said their finders fee was getting invited to anything big that happens in our futures.

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