Wednesday, August 10, 2005

It's a good thing I'm not paranoid or anything...

Well Christine, how's your day at work? Well, let's sum it up like this....whisper whisper whisper, closing doors, whisper whisper whisper. great. Although, they did buy another box of envelopes, so I guess I'm still employed for a bit longer. I will say this FINALLY inspired me to get off my big ol' butt and get ready for school this fall. I'm almost a bit excited about being a college chicadee again.

Confession time, am I really the only one????? My daughter's used-up school supplies from LAST MAY that she brought home from school in a big brown bag are STILL under her bed. I found them the other day and instead of going through them or even putting them away, I kicked the bag back under the bed. I LOVE school supplies! How much fun is it to have a new box of crayons? We did some serious coloring last night and momma had her own box too. HEY they're 25 cents a box at Target. I sprung for a few bucks worth. I love me some new crayons. Yes, my children think I'm a dork too.

I still am LOVING my guy. so happy. so strange for me. happy happy happy.

Kids are good, so excited about the new year it's nuts. We have the big ice cream social aka catching-up-on-gossip outing next Monday, Beth starts school Tues and those big Kindergarteners start on Thursday. I'm taking Joey to that movie the Fantastic Four on one of the days he's waiting as a treat. I wanted to see the penguin movie, but he's more into blowing up cars, superheros and the like.

I realized I have exactly one month before my art show knitting sale. I'm freaking a bit. GOT to get more yarn!!! I actually cranked out a few more bags from my stash, since I'm POOR again and six days left till payday. MAN I hate being poor, but damn I'm good at finding change around the house, things I bought (always keep the receipt and tags on until you use stuff) to return and took a load of outgrown kids' clothes to the resale shop. OH OH OH my 2nd one-skein wonder done with that butterflies & bullfrogs yarn for $14.50 turned out SO FREAKING COOL AND CUTE!!! I'll get pics up tomorrow to show off mine and my daughter's. CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!

You know, I'll take whispers and flexibility any day. GAWD help me if I have to go back to the corporate world. I think I'd melt like a wicked witch and be really REALLY crabby. not nice. I'm getting my ARSE in motion and getting serious about getting my teaching degree now. serious.

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