Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Yard Sale!!

It's PAYDAY!!!!! I made it. whooooooooooh hoooooooooooo baby. Yes, yes, it's almost all spoken for, which is why I'm normally flat broke days before the next one. PLUS I've got Christmas shopping to do, so I'm getting creative this year. It still feels good for one day to have $$ until I start paying bills. I'm going to the yarn shop too. Only buying 2 yarns. One for mom's xmas present to cast on and one for the little capelet thing for moi. seriously. that's it. I can stop any time I want. really. No 10 step program needed here, nope. I may do some looking at knitpicks though... SAVING MONEY people.

I'm off to Jazzercise to sign up today! Gonna bite the bullet and do it. Still doing the slimfast thing, not getting too slim too fast. Crappy name. slimfast. Should be chubbyfast or slimslow. Still tastes like crap, but I'm getting used to it. I've actually missed working out these last 2 weeks of laziness, a tiny bit. Who'm I kidding? I'd be happy sitting around like Jabba the Hut if I had the metabolism for it.

Taking the lovahboy for SUSHI (ick, ick, ick, ick, ICK) tomorrow night for his bday celebration. Gonna break out the b00bs for the cleavage sweater. (my silicone when I want it option) (aka poor girl's b00b job). I don't dislike all sushi, but the texture grosses me out and I'm not big on cooked fish, let alone the raw stuff. I did eat some weird thing of eel eggs or something that felt like poprocks. I was equally grossed out and amazed by the coolness of it. I just got the shivers here remembering, so end of subject.

Remember my friend from Scotland? She's a mom of one of Beth's best friends. She and I found out we went to the same girl scout summer camp (Oakledge in MO) at the same time, and knew all the same old songs, etc. She and her family are moving back to Scotland for her hubby's amazing job and are SO excited, but the girls (Beth and her daughter Fiona) are having a hard time with it. We've been doing LOTS of playdates together and they're each working on a best friend's book and then trading with each other and filling in parts on the other's book. They're selling off a bunch of stuff they don't want to move so even MORE of my $$ is gone as of tomorrow. I'm getting 4 bookshelves, a tv for my room, tv stand and the kids' big xmas present. I wanted MORE MORE MORE but can't afford it, so I'm being good. If you're in the KC area, there'll be a heck of a yard sale with furniture, appliances, lamps, etc. on Lee Boulevard between 95th and 103rd this Friday and Saturday. Lee Boulevard is one light west of State Line Road just off of I435 and State Line.

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