Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Grandparents in the snow update

Update on the grandparents...still no power, but one of my uncles and aunt were able to get out to the farm and are spending the night with them. They got the wood stove running and are warming up the house, cooking on it like the old days and playing cards by the light of an old oil lamp. Everyone's breathing easier now. Other grandma is still without power also, but another uncle's helping her stay warm and fed. Good boys!

Crocheting and knitting away on too many projects to update here. I'm thinking of using crap yarn for the capelet thing as I was checking out the knitalong on craftser and they looked pretty sweet. Only spending $10 could be tempting...I've become such a yarn snob lately, it's sad.

I'm tired of being a slug, when I sit down now my belly sits on top of my thighs. crap almighty. As SOON as I get paid, I'm signing my butt (and belly) up for jazzercise...here I come ladies...look out! I just don't keep up well on my own, I'm a total peer pressure kind of girl.

Later gators,

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