Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Way to go Kansas...Here we go again plus PICTURE TIME!!!

SO, we've been a quiet little state lately. The big buzz of BTK Witchita serial killer's trial calmed down, Jon Stewart wasn't making fun of us lately with the evolution schmevolution series, no tornados wreaking havoc. All in all, it was pretty quiet. Good ol' Kansas State Board of Education strikes again....Intelligent design is now a part of our science curriculum and we're back on headline news. cripes. It's bad enough that science teachers were already in demand in our state, but now NO ONE wants to come here and teach. Scientific companies are moving to MO or other nearby states as well. Let's not even get to stemn cell research restrictions being stronger in our state than even in the national government.

I made some progress on the whole slimfast thing. I am avoiding the protein loaded ones and going for the milk chocolate. I heard the french vanilla is tolerable, but I'm not much on french vanilla. (even before the rioting) I'm going to try to almost freeze them and see if that helps, but I'm thinking no. I mostly get them "chilled" and then take a deep breath, slug down about 10 swallows, breathe, grit my teeth together, and try again until the thing's gone. It also helps to put it in a glass rather than right from the can. I'm telling you the stuff works, though, as I wasn't hungry at ALL today and was stuffed after only one small burrito at Jeff's place. One negative (besides the lovely taste) is that the thing must be crammed with fiber. (I think all these fad diet things are 99% fiber to fill you up and clear you out). I swear I turned into my grandma as I was walked across a parking lot this afternoon I farted with every step. OH MY GOD I was so glad it was a windy day or I'd have died with embarrassment.

Loverboy gets extra points tonight as I wore my clapotis over to his house for "taco night" where he goes crazy and truly makes a great spread of food. He complimented me on my wrap. ding ding ding. winner! He then asked if this was the thing I was working on when I went nuts and about dismantled his house trying to kill the moth I saw fluttering by the bag. yes, yes it was. This is my twice-cooked (microwaved) wrap and I love it.

Beth's felted bucket hat is still felting along in the wash. I forgot it was in there and it's only had one round. I've got one of those "nice" washing machines that don't felt well so I needlessly waste a lot of hot water and energy during felting time. At least I also have a sophie bag and a bunch of felted crocheted flowers in there too.

Apparently I've made strong impressions on the children as Joey found a moth in Jeff's garage and came in to find me and help me kill it. Good boy! His kindergarten class had to read that damn book "be nice to spiders" all about helping our fellow critters and not squishing spiders. This is after taking a field trip to a play of Charlotte's Web (remember the pig becomes friends with the mommy spider who saves his life...)! Damn kindergartener-brainwashing tree-hugging hippies! Ok, sorry about that, I have been known to hug a tree or two. I try not to harm animals and do not squish spiders that live outside and encourage my children to avoid stepping near anthills to not kill needlessly. But, in my home (and any home that may house my yarn even temporarily) moths are dead meat. Spiders and crickets don't last long inside either. Of course, Joey shared the fact that his mother is a "super spider squisher" and "kills all moths because they lay eggs and moth babies can eat mommy's yarn." The boy apparently had organized a little kindergarten death squad that was going around the playground squishing anything that resembled a moth (moths, dried leaves, spiders, etc.) That little note from school about how the children are studying "tolerance for others" was almost as cute as the one I got when Elizabeth was 3 in preschool put her hands on her hips, stomped one foot and said "crap! crap! crap!" when she spilled the box of crayons. I have to give REALLY good presents to my chilren's teachers. I've learned it works best if I start out the year with a few "just because" gifts. I say it's "just because they're such great teachers" but I really mean "just because my children will need these to get back on your good graces soon" or "just because their mother is a raving lunatic most of the time."

PICTURE TIME!!! Just got this first set out of the washer tonight! I love my sophie bags, the best blocking tool I own is a stock of chef boyardee ravioli cans. Works every time. I think that felted bucket hat is the cutest thing I've ever knit. I'm making one for myself, but I'll have to go find some earthy greens and add a crocheted flower. TOO FREAKING CUTE! My daughter should LOVE hers, don't you think? Then since no one around here can take a pic worth a dang, I'm modeling & photographing MYSELF showing the versatility of my lovely clapotis. I wish the photos showed how creamy soft it is against your skin....buttah isn't this lovely. I think I'll wear her every day. Finally is my start on Joey's first sock. He's all excited and tried on the cuff at least 3 times until I made him stop.

PS--> Democratic Governors that just got elected all over in blue AND red states, YOU ROCK!!!! GO CRAZY!!!! The people have spoken. Too damn bad it isn't presidential election time. There's still THREE freaking years left. wow. damn. (spoken daaaaayaaaaammmmmmm).

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