Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Just in case you were wondering.....

I'M QUEEN OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bwa ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Yes, yes, it's true. You may have THOUGHT you were the queen, but nope. It's me. My knitting lessons went freaking GREAT last night! It was SO SO SO cool! I was sitting there thinking "damn, I hope those ladies don't show up, what the FUXX am I doing thinking I can teach people to knit, not only people but people who PAID MONEY to my kids' school auction for these damn lessons....please don't come, please don't come..." and on and on. Well, first of all, I got to see Miss Amanda! She was sitting in the Panera's with a few friends and she looked CUTE AS HECK! Snappy little hair cut and just trendy as usual. I was sporting the morning after the morning after ballcap and though the hair WAS washed, the body was not up to dealing with blow dryers or curlers and it just went with the hangover mood.... Anyway, we DO have to get together soon!

Back to the lessons....they showed up WITH A FRIEND with a bag from a LYS. I was like ok, here we go.... and somehow, they LOVED it. I've spread my little knitting obsession on to three other women. I'm so proud. They both learned to knit, then we ripped it out, and cast on again and knit again and they both were very proud of their nice even garter stitch scarves on their way. The friend had learned to knit continental (holding yarn in left hand) and I EVEN helped her too (though the concept of continental vs english method actually blew my mind). I even taught her to unknit and she left with a big ball of yarn and is off to get some 13s as well. I do believe it's best to learn with 10 1/2 wooden needles and some worsted weight, but cripes almighty you end up with this sad looking little not-even-a-potholder thing and it's quite frustrating. I found some nice slightly bulky yarn and 13's and the ladies were feeling real accomplishment seeing the scarf take shape right under their needles.

I gave helpful tips, hints, and was just the little guru. No, I can't actually make a sweater or tank top that fits me, no, I can't actually make a pair of socks without serious ladder spaces where the needles join, no I don't even WANT to learn intarsia or anything involving multiple yarns or little bobbins, but I'm still queen of the world. yup. that's me.

Anyone catch McCain on the Daily Show the other night? I do love that man! Intelligent, funny, serious... Although, if there's any serious hope of my dream ticket of McCain/Clinton the man has to work on that neck fat problem. You can't vote for a man with flappy extra neck fat. ick. I'm sorry Senator, I love your ideas, I love your sense of country, I love your sense of right and wrong and bipartisanship nature, but the neck flap's got to go. I know you've got medical issues and are trying to save our country and all, but there's got to be time to do some headrolls, or find some exercises for that. I'll check into it and let you know.

Anyone else starting to hoard cans of food for the bird flu pandemic? Any of you starting to add to your stash to help you survive months of isolation? What a great excuse to buy more yarn! I'm seriously freaking out here. It's moved to China. Bush is touring Asia. Let's just leave him over there and just call it a pre-emptive quarantine or something. Sounds good to me!

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