Tuesday, November 15, 2005

still hungover cripes

SO, still barely eating and not feeling too whippy. Serves me right, huh? Jeff ticked me of seriously until I remembered the boy took care of me while I was barfing and thought I'd better give him the benefit of ONE free get-out-of-trouble pass. Apparently I was quite a sight popping the "$50 boob jobs" (Victoria's Secret Shapers aka silicone boobs to put in your bra to give you serious cleavage) out of my top at the end of the night. He then retold the funny story to his whole freaking family..."Christine got so drunk her boobs popped out". OK, that part was funny, I'll give him that. He made an additional comment that isn't appropriate for knitting blogs (no matter HOW far away from knitting this blog may ramble). grrrrrrrrrr. I bit back a big ol' response in deference for him being such a great guy. But, I swear the next time Jeffy boy mouths off, he's in for a true scorpio red-headed pissy woman rant. You'll probably hear it from there.

Tonight I've got to go teach two ladies to knit. I'm a titch nervous, but have goodie bags for both including nice multicolored yarn and size 13 needles so they can work on their first scarves. I got talked into auctioning off two sets of 3 nights of knitting lessons for my kids' elementary school auction. I got 2 gift certificates to the Yarn Shop & More for them also. We're heading to Panera's so I can have some iced green tea and smell bread while we knit. Should be fun! Hope they get it ok, I made some copies of knitting directions off a printable website and now can't find the damn things. cripes.

I'm off, OH it snowed today! It was so pretty, big ol' white flakes swirling down. It's all gone (ground's too warm) but it was a great sight anyway. I listened to Christmas music on all my driving around in the car today. ho ho ho!

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