Thursday, November 03, 2005

whew, now I'm tired.

OK, it's only 1:30pm. Normally I am the queen of lazytown. Today, I've gotten children up and dressed, fed and dropped at school. Worked, had a morning booty call from boyfriend, worked, picked up sickly child from school, went to grocery store, more work, followed brown ups truck back home and got Joey's first dose of inhaled antibiotics in him (yeah!), PEELED potatoes, browned meat and put it along with washed and peeled and chopped carrots into a crock pot, more work, phone calls, checked email, listed 8 books for sale on amazon, worked another inch on a pair of socks and now sat down.

How do women do this stuff on a daily basis? I'm feeling like supermom today, and it's all in a day's work for most of the moms out there. I realized I do NOT like peeling potatoes. I also realized it is best to get the biggest potatoes instead of cute little ones, as they take a lot more freaking time with the knife for not a lot of progress. Yes, I'm crock-potting a roast for my honey. I have never in my life made a roast, so this should be interesting. God, I must be in love. I've even got myself a little recipe box with actual recipes inside it I've compiled from various easy cookbooks and magazines. I've tried 4 so far and they've all been edible. I am truly scaring myself. I think I like cooking. shhhhh. don't let that get out.

On the knitting sock front, I decided maybe it isn't smart to start a difficult 2 socks at once technique with the 2 circs when I've never used 2 circs to knit a sock before. I am saving the mangled remains of sockie and his brother ball of sockotta for later. I've found a "simple sock" pattern for the 2 circs. It's actually going ok so far. I've got 4 inches of cuff and it's quite cute. Keep your fingers crossed as later tonight I am going to start the heel. I think I like the 2 circ's thing, it goes faster than the dpns and I'm not always poking myself. (I'm not a graceful woman, and surrounding myself with 5 pointed objects at once is just asking for trouble).

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