Monday, November 21, 2005

the Halloween Candy Debate

As any over-protective mother did, the night of Halloween the children each got to pick out a few pieces of well wrapped and "mommy approved" candies to eat that night. The next day, I went through and anything that was even slightly iffy (accessible wrapping, etc) and tossed them. Then I separated the candy into two bags, one with chocolate and one without (my Joey needs pills for chocolate, but can eat fat free but calorie dense candy without pills, so that's a bonus). Then, the bags were on the counter and each child could have one or two pieces a day for about a week. Then the bags went on top of the fridge. Out of sight, out of mind. Once in a while, the kids would ask for a piece, but now they have pretty much forgotten about the major stash. SO the dilemma is this... At first, this momma was eating the candies I knew the kids didn't ruths, almond joy's, etc. NOW that they've forgotten and let's face it, the crappy candies are all gone... Do I get to eat the good stuff? the m&m's? the reese's pnut butter cups? the HERSHEY'S????? mmmmmmmm the hershey's mmmmmmmmmm

What's a good mom to do? In this day and age of too much sugar and candy, shouldn't I really make that sacrifice to save my children the extra calories? huh? I think I'd better just bite the bullet, or the chocolate, and do my duty as a mom. yup. Sounds good. How wrong is that? wrong, wrong, wrong. A word of caution, though, when living on the slim-fast drinks, adding too much chocolate is just asking for some serious tummy troubles. Save it for the weekends when you eat normal food or you WILL regret it.

I LOVE this idea....Naked Stix in 2006. It doesn't matter if you frog things or complete them, the goal is getting those sticks nekkid again. Lisa, at Continue in Kind, is sweetly chairing this great project. I don't think she knows what she's in for, but it's got me motivated at least! I started with EIGHT projects on the needles. I actually frogged a baby blanket started for my little baby nephew's baptism, but then I cast on another one in its place AND I cast on for the wrist warmers this weekend as well. I'm thinking I may have to do the cop out on the cable-pattern I wanted and start with a MUCH easier version from the Knitted Gifts (or something like that) book I've got at home. It's a diagonal rib thing. I'm not sure, I'm gonna keep going on the current project until it scares me and then we'll see. All you "oh, cabling is easy....cabling is fun..." people had better not be lying.

Jazzercise question for those of you out there...If I sign up for this stuff, can I use my card at any Jazzercise location or does it have to be the one I sign up at? I want to take my classes out in Olathe, but when weather gets bad and our office goes virtual, I'll not want to drive across town if I don't have to. I guess I could get my lazy butt to CALL MYSELF and ask, so I'll probably do that when I get around to it.

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