Thursday, November 17, 2005

back in my good graces again

OK, so the boy is no longer in trouble for making a stupid comment. He actually wasn't AWARE that he was in trouble. You know how it is. Jeez. Ah well. He came over last night, we had a nice family dinner with my kids and he and I and then we played UNO and did puzzles (very Americana of us, isn't it?) and just had a lovely evening. Later in the night he was VERY complimentary of me AND gave me a monster backrub as well as the "light touch" backrub. OH HOLY HELL I would probably sell part of my soul for light touch backrubs. It's that not quite touching your skin light caress.....OHHHHHHHHHH that's serious relaxation. AND he ate my dinner (me being a new cook at 37 yrs old). All in all, it was happy happy happy.

More bird flu stuff....From Miss Amanda, Seattle Times article asks Is sauerkraut a new weapon against bird flu? Oh dog crap on a stick! First I'm sucking down slimfast through gritted teeth and NOW I've got to go buy cans of sauerkraut to help fight the bird flu. Apparently there's been quite a run on the stinky stuff in the northwest after the articles came out. Why isn't CHOCOLATE the cure? THAT I could eat until it oozed from my pores. Who knows? Not proven, but the South Koreans are eating lots of kimchi as there's some link to the lactic acid bacteria in that and sauerkraut.

I'm going to try to join the Lawrence knit group this Sat. when they come to the kc knitting shops! Should be fun! Holler at me (or email works too) if you want to join me too!

I'm off to the book fair to shop with Joey and his Kindergarten class. I volunteered Tues. and shopped with Beth. I freaking LOVE the book fair. PLUS our volunteers get an amazingly FABULOSO catered breakfast and all the diet coke or coffee you can drink. mmmmmm. PLUS I got a gift certificate for $6 too! I found my way to volunteer for the PTA. Signed up for next year already!

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