Friday, November 18, 2005

Ever feel like you're losing your mind????

So I've been doing that run until I'm ragged thing again....clean the house, pick up kids from school, work work work all the minutes of the day in between everything else, baths, cook dinner, put kids to bed, laundry, knit in the car while waiting to pick up kids here and there, on and on and on. I was feeling a bit nutty yesterday and thought, holy crap, how will I handle the holidays like this? No freaking way. I sat there and made myself do NOTHING for like 2 minutes while waiting in my car in line for my daughter after girl scouts. I was looking at the lovely leaves on the trees, kids jumping in piles of leaves, squirrels gathering acorns, beautiful and peaceful. Then I noticed this guy walking his 2 little shitzu's. As the first one did his duty on someone's lawn, the guy reached into his pocket. I thought, what a good man, he's gonna pick up some poo. Nope, he pulls out a notebook and a pencil and writes something in it. Puts it back in his pocket, walks to the next yard. The other doggie does his thing on this yard. Back out comes the notebook and pencil and is recorded. The guy even looked at the numbers of the house and looked to be writing down the address. Can you imagine? Recording the places your dogs go poo? Suddenly I had an amazing sense of zen-like calm come over me. I'm not crazy, he is. I'm all better now.

I'm on a mission to FINISH something. I don't care what it is, it could be ANYTHING. I have SUCH startitis and it's about killing me. I wanna start SO MANY freaking projects but have started to find little LYS bags full of items shoved in different areas of the house. (when someone comes over, things get shoved like you wouldn't believe) Just yesterday while putting away some laundry, I came across Joey's first sock (which is still a cuff) a purse that only needs the FOREVER FREAKING LONG handle stitched that should have been mailed off about 2 weeks ago but I forgot about it, two hats and another felted purse. I purposely didn't look into the drawer in my cedar dresser (stash holder) that is FOR in-progress items. I think if I just finish ONE thing, I can start another. I should be knitting for Xmas now, shouldn't I???? I know, but then I think, no sane woman could finish ANYTHING in time for Xmas NOW, so I wanna start those wrist warmers from Knitty and do them in 2 skeins of noro silk garden I got the other day..... for me. How selfish is that? Ah well. I did finish my daughter's felted bucket hat in time for her bday, maybe I'd better finish Joey's socks before HIS birthday coming up right before Xmas. That'd only be fair. maybe I could start the wrist warmers, and work on the socks at the same time..... a few rows of one, a few rows of the other, sure. that could work. yeah right....

Have a great weekend people!!! I'm going SHOPPING with KNITTERS on Sat. afternoon as a reward for surviving my daughter's sleepover bday party with 2 of her friends Sat. night and my son who will probably be whining as the girls will most likely drive him nuts. I think I'm going to surrender most of the house and shut myself, Joey and the dog in a room with yarn, the tv and chocolate chip cookies. Why even TRY to control 3 nine-year old girls? Can't you just hear the squeals and screams and giggles already?

OK, NOW I'm CRAZY. It wasn't the Knitty wrist warmers, but on SOMEONE's blog that I of course reached through following SOMEONE ELSE'S notes about SOMEONE ELSE's cool wristlet things made of noro and now I can't find the damn pattern!!!!! Does anyone know of a cool pattern for wrist warmer/gauntlet looking things made from noro? I think it may have had a simple cable pattern and had the start of fingers. cripes.

NOW I got it. It's the Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers from the Stitch N Bitch Nation book! If anyone is knitting from the original Stitch N Bitch or the SNB Nation, go here for pattern corrections. You all probably already knew that, didn't you? But I'm glad I googled and found the link so I wouldn't be on here cursing as I type and crying as I knit. Did I mention I've never cabled before? Wish me luck!

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