Tuesday, November 01, 2005

halloween highlights

Oh we had so much fun! BEAUTIFUL night, hooray for the weather forecasters getting it right! Nice, clear, cool, evening, LOTS of freaking candy. We made it around blocks with my 2 kids, Jeff's little niece who all of 2 years old had the biggest bag of candy and wouldn't let anyone help her lug the thing around, and a couple of other little cousins. Joey had so much candy the bottom of his bag broke out and he had to use Beth's witches hat and come and dump it into my tote bag. Jeff was doing his impression of Jack Nicholson from the Shining. When we got to his house, he had the chainsaw going, screaming and was acting completely nuts. Then, he had this cool little thing set up for my kids that they could choose a little bag of cookies or what was in box #1 or box #2... they ended up with stinky old shoes, so he traded them in for MORE candy. It sounds weird here, but it was very sweet. He never gets his boys on Halloween the way the divorce was drawn up and he really enjoys the holiday. We went to his sister's house where anyone of the extended families of all involved, cousins, their folks, etc. were invited. Lots of good food and a nice neighborhood to trick or treat in. It reminds me of my own family, where people love to get together and they always make me feel so welcome. very sweet.

I decided I wasn't going to do the whole "super 80's valley girl" thing this year as I didn't feel comfortable enough with his family and Jeff said he wasn't dressing up but then decided at the last minute he had to do his Jack. "Daddy's hoooooommmmmeee." wow, that movie scared the crap out of me years ago and I won't watch it to this day.

I FINISHED MY CLAPOTIS LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! NO pics yet, I'll sew in ends and take pics tonight. I was so close and it was getting later and later, but the rows get shorter and shorter with fewer stitches, so I just couldn't stop. At 1:30am, I put the needles down and finished my last stitch. WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO. It is about six feet long and wide enough to cover me from shoulders to my waist. It is not quite a scarf, but I'm LOVING it, so freaking cool!

Just read an email from the girl scout leader that she sent out yesterday. CRAP I forgot to send the permission slip for my daughter to go rock climbing. AND she's wearing the new go-go looking black boots we got for her costume today. nice. I've got to go run around, sign forms, send tennies to school and all the rest. oooops. Later!

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