Thursday, December 01, 2005

Lawrence Ladies and the quest for the damn dpns

I forgot to post about meeting some of the Lawrence Knitters the weekend before last! I met Elinor, Camille and Beth at the Yarn Shop & More where we petted and admired yarns, then we went to the Plaza for eating at an Irish Pub and off to the Studio. I had my daughter's bday sleepover so had to run home, but really enjoyed meeting them! It's funny how knit groups are so good for the soul! Here's their site Knit Lawrence. If you're in the area, get yourself over to Milton's, I keep trying to get there but my Saturdays are still too hectic!

I did go to TWO Lys's yesterday and mostly behaved myself. Instead of the more pricey Koigu, I'm going to work up some superwash Lorna's Laces shepherd sport yarn ($10/skein 200 yds) for mom's wrist warmers. I'll let you know how they go as I think this could be a fast knit for presents! I was home rolling them into center pull balls and thought I'd do a tutorial as I keep running into knitters who are MUCH more talented than I am that are still rolling old fashioned (and quite frankly pain in the butt) regular yarn balls.

After doing all this, I felt like quite the accomplished knitter, I could conquer all, I am instructing people in this glorious craft.....etc. THEN I realized I'm a freaking idiot. For TWO HOURS I searched and searched for my doublepointed needles (size 6) that I bought last week at the Studio. I know I bought them. I know it. I put ALL my knitting stuff and stash in ONE PLACE so they HAD to be there. They weren't. I looked at least 4 times in the same drawer. FOUR TIMES. I even completely emptied it on the 3rd time and apparently thought just in case, let's look again. I was all upset, not going to work on any of my existing projects, NO I wanted to start the wrist warmers. dammit. Finally I gave up, went to bed, where I had NOTHING new to read, re-read HP #4 in preparation of seeing the movie (no, I haven't seen it yet, I don't get out much). I was all kinds of pissy.

This morning, I grabbed my son's sock (soon to be a sock puppet) in the ziplock bag to toss into my purse, and what do you know, THERE were the damn 6's. In the sock. cripes. Now I've found 4 of the set of 5, but can't remember where I put the damn last needle and the little package it came in. The pattern I use calls for all 5, so I'm off to the damn LYS again today. BUT the good news is that I've got a punch card all ready to go for $15 store credit! woo hoo! I think I'll pick up 6s and 5s just in case I need them to hit gauge.

Some of you will remember I'm not a fan of the dpn. I actually burned the first set I had to work with. In the grill. burnt to ashes. They don't really burn easily, either, I had to get some gasoline to throw on (we were out of lighter fluid). ANYWAY I have been experimenting with the 2 circ needles thing, and I can't believe I'm saying this, think I like the dpns better. *gasp* I'm not saying I care for either one very much, but I may just be getting the hang of the whole knitting with a living porcupine/leaving ladders big enough for firemen to climb up problems. They're still there, just not quite so bad. Maybe practice does make perfect. Right now practice just makes "not quite so horrid." I'm good with that.

Non-knitting news, I'm applying for student loans and trying to come up with a plan B should the jobbo be gon-o on Jan 1st. Lovahboy gets taken out tonight for sushi. I hope they serve cooked steak. If not, it's gonna be a lot of rice for this girl tonight.

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