Monday, November 07, 2005

Helllloooooooooooooooooooo Monday

There once was a girl named Christine
with too many knitting magazines.
Went to a new yarn store
just had to buy more,
found buried alive, such a dreadful scene.

This weekend we went on a little adventure with Jeff and his boys. He switched vehicles with his father, so we got to ride in style in a big ol' cadillac. Having 6 people in our little group makes taking trips difficult. This big ol' car worked GREAT! Jeff's boys are in the chess club at their little private school and had a tournament in Columbia, MO. OH HOLY HELL I'm glad my kids are not chess kids. The chess matches, while I'm sure they're quite exciting and I'm sure great on the resume, would KILL ME as a parent. Soccer mom I can handle. Chess mom I would stab myself with the nearest knitting needle. OH MY GOD. These parents are nuts. Basically, you travel around, pay for hotel bills, food, etc. Go to the hotel where the match is hosted by 7:30am, SIT THERE for hours on end until it's over, go home. The parents don't even get to watch the matches. The kids go into a big room, close the door and the parents wait outside in the hall. You can't leave, as your kid could be done in 10 min's or it may take an hour and a half. Then you wait around until the next match, entertain your kids in the hall until their next time starts, repeat for 5 matches or so and you're done at about 6:30pm. I know, I know, think of the knitting you could accomplish. Wouldn't help me. I'd freaking go insane.

Friday night was spent at the Courtyard by Marriott in Columbia, swimming, playing and having a blast. Sat. Jeff did the chess dad thing and I got to drive around town in the big ol' caddy. We spent 2 1/2 hours in the hotel pool, mall walked, visited the boys and then Jeff suggested I visit the yarn stores there in town. I had a LOVELY time at Hillcreek Yarn Shoppe, this GREAT store right off I-70. The kids and I spent about an hour in there wandering around and both kids ended up choosing some yummy yarn and now each wants a pair of socks. Actually, Joey wants 3 socks as one is for a sock puppet to sew button eyes on. I thought a sock puppet would be better made out of a wal-mart sweatsock, but apparently I was wrong. Joey got to do the winding of the balls and thought he was hot stuff. They have a really nice weaving and spinning section and good stuff online as well. If you're around MU, GO THERE and shop! I got out only spending $50, but MAN it was tough. I kept putting things back and telling myself "online shop, online shop, I can get it later...".

Jeff's boys did great at the tournament, his 3rd grade boy was 7th in his grade and his younger son was Kindergarten Champion and they were both so proud. We drove through hail, hail, hail and lightning storms to his lake house and spent Sat. night and part of Sunday building fires with wet wood (lots of smoke) and throwing big rocks into the lake. good times.

I'm back, I'm tired, I'm happy. OH and I did not actually buy ANY knitting books or magazines on Sat. I know that SOUNDS like an accomplishment for me, doesn't it? Actually I already had all the mags except the winter vogue knitting, and let me just say, ICK! I didn't see ONE pattern in there that didn't make me think "friends don't let friends knit drunk". Maybe there was something cute hidden deep in there, but I sure wasn't even tempted.

I actually was happy to go to work this morning. I expect the world to end at any moment or some other freaky cosmic disaster as that's just wrong.

Teensie bit of political ranting....Mr. President, if "we do not torture" as you say, then why would you be against a congressional drive to outlaw torture? I'm just sayin'.....

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