Tuesday, November 29, 2005

let it snow let it snow let it snow

Well, we got a dusting of snow yesterday, and the kids were in heaven. My grandparents both are snowed in out in western kansas with no power. My 97 yr old Grandma S. (mom's side) lives on her own on a farm in the middle of nowhere (20 miles to the nearest grocery store--the local "town" has a church. period. That's all that's left). She has a lady come over to help her out during the week, but thank goodness one of my uncles stayed over an extra day and is snowed in with her and can run the little gas heater downstairs for her. She's a tough smart neat lady. My dad's folks are also snowed in their home, and about 4 miles from a town, but no one can get to them. I guess the snowplows were working 3 hours just on one little part of the highway to clear a path. It's like the blizzards of "the good ol' days" out there. Their kids are all freaking out, but Gma and Gpa are staying in bed with lots of blankets on them and seem to be doing fine. No heat and 2 old people in their 90's. unreal. We think someone from the nearest town should get out today and bring them home where there's a wood stove or something. I come from a long line of long-living good people. It's amazing to think of the history they've lived through. Grandma said the only problem is her hands are too cold to do any crocheting so they're just reading books and sleeping a lot.

OK, I found the COOLEST cutest little capelet/shrug/thing that someone created a pattern for one found on Anthropologie that I MUST HAVE....

Anthropologie-inspired-capelet tutorial

I know it's almost Christmas, I know I have MORE items on needles than I had when I began my naked sticks in 2006 campaign, I know I have more items to make for presents than I can possibly complete. I know that. I also know that I must make this. How good would it look over a snazzy tank top for a Christmas party? It's kind of a larger version of the one-skein wonder I made before. must. buy. yarn. Yes, we now have $1.35 left until tomorrow, but it's on the list of stuff I must have. I mean, come on, it's the holiday season. I know no one ever gets me the "oh it's just what i wanted" present, so I should really treat myself, right? Giving to me should help me get inspired to give to others, right? Isn't there a cartoon special about that out there? Where's the love for a spoiled, selfish girl? I know I know I KNOW but I'm still gonna make it anyway! I'll grow up later.

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