Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The clappy, she is FAHHHHHHbulous

OH how did I ever live without my clapotis? This is the mother of all wonderful knits. This lovely thing is wrapped around my neck as I type. It is either the fattest softest scarf imaginable or a gorgeous wrap, depending upon how I feel. I feel wrapped in lusciousness. seriously. It's almost as good as eating chocolate. Oh hell, who'm I kidding, it's not that good, but it's close. Go ahead, make yourself one. I promise to get pics up soon. I'm surrounded by people not able to take photographs. I may have to learn how to use the timer feature on the old camera.

SO, last night I got to choose a project. How exciting is that? Ms. Startitis was all aflutter trying to decide. I pulled out sockie, and thought I should make the match to my one first sock. Sockie was not actually completed, he still needed the ribbed cuff. I started to finish it and realized that sockie is about 2" too long between heel and toe, so I probably wouldn't wear it anyway. You know what's coming, right? I felt so bad. I committed a sockicide. Watching Law & Order SVU, I felt like a total psychopath that would end up on the show. Poor little sockie is now a pile of very wavy kinked yarn. I felt like there should have been a white chalk line around the shape of a sock or something. so sad.

ANYWAY the reason I butchered my little first sock attempt was I had a pattern (from my sp, LOVE HER) for toe-up socks knit on 2 circs at the same time. What a great idea! You get TWO socks at the SAME TIME. No worries about will one ever have a mate. How cool could that be? Let's just say I started the damn thing FOUR times. FOUR FREAKING TIMES. First of all, I gotta keep each ball of yarn separate. Ok, I can do that. I get the whole concept of knitting with one needle while the other hangs behind, but I couldn't actually make it work. I used the recommended half-hitch cast-on (harder to say than to do) but I think I'm gonna try the figure 8 caston I learned from Teri. We'll see. There was some serious cursing going on last night, let me tell you. I'm not giving up on this one yet, I may have to wander into one of the LYS's looking pitiful and hold my little needles and yarn out and pout. Pouting's always good.

Little man Joey is a sickee again, dangit. He's getting a flare-up of his cf (he's got a genetic lung & digestive disease called Cystic Fibrosis) and sinus crap and is just laying around like a puny little thing. We've got some inhaled antibiotics on their way from the pharmacy, but the stuff is sent frozen in vials and is only available at one or two places on the coasts and they ship ups, so he's basically just sitting sick & infected for 2 to 3 days while waiting for the brown truck to arrive with the little dry-ice-packed goods. He went to the morning Kindergarten class today, but was just coughing and pitiful. He wanted to go and the teacher and school nurse are great about it and said to try it out. (he's not contagious to other kids when he's like this) Hope the damn stuff gets here tomorrow.

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