Monday, November 14, 2005


SO, I celebrated in style with my honey Sat. night. Oh LORDY LORDY LORDY. The boy and I decided (at my suggestion since he's hard to shop for being one of those damn men who lives simply and already has whatever he needs or wants) to not exchange presents for our bdays, but just spend a nice evening out. Mine was the 12th and his is the 24th. Yes, two scorpions. I know, we're just asking for it, aren't we? Ah well. ANYWAY, I got all dressed up, went to the boy's house and dropped off the kids with my super-sitter cousin. Jeff was looking very handsome and we went to dinner at Garrozo's (sp?) Italian restaurant where I consumed enough calorie-rich-dense amazingly wonderful food to count for a week's worth of body fuel. mmmmmm. Let me say I also consumed a margarita and 3/4 of a bottle of wine. (anyone else hear the foreboding music kicking in here? I didn't hear a damn thing as I was getting loopy as hell). Now, I USED to be able to drink all night, take a couple of tylenol and go to bed and still be ok the next morning. That was PRE-37. This is now.

We hang around the restaurant while Jeff has an after-dinner coffee I have an after-dinner glass of wine (since I finished off the bottle, you see). We decide to go out to one of Jeff's friends' (mother of a kid in his son's school) big ol' Mexican restaurant/bar. She loves Jeff, we go in and soon become the ONLY white people in a sea of hispanic MEN. I think not counting the waitresses, there were maybe 12 women in there amidst literally 300 people. It was insane. At first the guys waited until Jeff went to the bathroom or to the bar to come and ask me to dance, but after about half an hour, they asked while he was still sitting right there. I think that was the only reason my boy (who doesn't dance) took me out on the floor and did some serious salsa dancing. Through the evening's adventures I consumed at least 6 shots of tequila and 2 more margaritas. yup.

Now that I'm older and wiser, I've learned a few things....
#1. I can no longer do tequila shots. Nope, not ever again. 36 yr old Christine could still throw a few back. 37 yr old Christine would drop dead upon the toss/salt/lime series. Never ever ever again. Jose Quervo is no longer a friend of mine.

#2. This boy of mine will take care of me through thick and thin. I am NOT a pretty after-drinker. I can hurl until the cows come home, leave and come home again. I spent some serious time with my face in the toilet. ick ick ick. Jeff put up my hair, wiped my face with a washcloth and when I was past the point of no return, made me drink some alka seltzer and put me to bed. Good man.

#3. The good part of the evening is that I don't think any single calorie made it into my system. Not one calorie could have lived through that night. Plus I danced the night away, burning calories and am STILL not on solid food. I was able to down a diet coke and some green tea yesterday with chicken soup for dinner. Today even the thought of cereal makes me queezy so I'm sticking with soup. Serious dehydration can always help jumpstart a fitness program. plateau? what plateau? I dropped 5 lbs in one day. (I know it comes back, let me feel good for a minute here.)

#4. Eye creams really do work. I looked like holy hell (hard to imagine, huh?) this morning when I woke up (the morning after the morning after) and have always wondered, do these expensive creams we put around our eyes really do anything? I saw the most amazing thing in the mirror. It was like the monster in the mirror actually transformed in front of me once I put the layer of cream on. Keep doing it daily.

#5. I can't knit while hung over. I tried, since I was couch-bound most of yesterday. Nope, it made me queezy all over again. I woke up today with my fingers itching to knit. I truly have an addiction here. This one only gives me cramped fingers and an empty wallet, where as an addiction to good ol' Jose Cuervo would give me the same empty wallet but with hangovers from hell. I'll stick with a yarn hangover every time.

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