Wednesday, September 07, 2005

9 days of knitting left....

OH HOLY HELL. I've finally decided there's no freaking way to get ready for this stinking art show. None. What the FUXX was I thinking??? I've decided to display the crap I've got, take orders and if nothing else, I'll have a nice little table to sit at and knit from 11am to 7pm on Sunday the 18th. I'll have a website up soon with pics of my purses and scarves I'm selling so that if someone actually buys something, they can refer to it and send me more moolah for additional stuff. I thought it'd be more professional-like. I decided not to use my actual company name of "Treasure Goddess Creations" on the sign at the art show since it's a Jewish Festival and they probably frown on the whole Goddess thing in the midst of a religious festival promoting the arts and food and history of their traditional beliefs. I think I have something totally uninspired like "Christine's Hand Knit Creations" boooorrrrrinnggggg. Ah well. (see, before I was the Knitting Virgin, I was the Treasure Goddess, designing cross stitch & beading kits and painting needlepoint canvases. creativity just oozes from my pores. It can get a bit stinky sometimes with the sweat of stressing out over cranking out more more more ideas to meet goals that were too high and lofty in the first damn place...good thing I've never changed huh?) My goal for this next week is to get tags made for the inside of the bags, little business cards with the website and care instructions for taking care of my creations, knit a few more samples, OH and get a website up and running. no biggie, huh? I've already got the domain name of (actually it's been under construction for about 3 years now) but I've got no where to host it. Anyone got a good cheap company to recommend for hosting a marginally business-like site? cheap? If not I'll go googling.

Here's some info on the Art Festival. There is an admission fee of either $5 or $7 and the center is charging a 20% fee to all the artists to support some artistic charity or other, so if anyone is interested in getting one of my stylish bags or funky scarves, just check out the website once it's up and running next week and let me know and that way you won't have to pay extra $$ for it. It is a fun festival, so if you want to go see lots of artsy-fartsy stuff, hear good music and eat eat eat eat eat and EAT, come by. It's right next to the Sprint complex in Overland Park, KS and you can say howdy to me.

So, last night, my daughter Beth and I are walking across the basement to go upstairs for bed when we see a spider so big it casts a shadow. a big shadow. I tell her to keep an eye on it and I go for a shoe. I shwack the thing, miss it and it freaking DISAPPEARS. In half an instant we're both standing on top of the pool table. regulation size (BIG ASS) pool table. She's freaking out, saying she will "never ever ever ever ever.....ever come back downstairs until that thing is gone!" I say "Oh, honey, that spider is more afraid of us than we are of him." She says "Mom, then why are we both standing on top of the pool table?" smart girl. The dog cornered the spider this morning before breakfast where I was able to schwack it three times with a rolled up magazine. THREE TIMES until it quit moving! It wasn't as big as that freaking HUGE wolf spider at Jeff's lake house shed, but it was the biggest damn spider we've seen in the basement here. ick. I've got goosebumps just remembering it. eeewwwwww.

Goodbye Bob Denver, you always made us smile.

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