Tuesday, September 13, 2005

my accomplishments of the day

#1 Got to the gym for the women on weights class even though I was having a bad hair and bad attitude and tired morning.

#2 Not only did not fall down when running backwards on the track but was able to SPRINT the straights backwards and was not the poor slow chubby last by a mile one today! woooo hooooo

#3 Followed my resolution that I shouldn't be hating all those damn pretty rich skinny mommas with big hooters. That's not very nice or very healthy of me. So instead, I just really really really really really disliked them strongly. Except for one chicadee who is built like me but without the extra 40 lbs of chub on her lower half. She actually frightened me a bit, doing one-armed and then one-footed pushups and jumping rope like a robot. The first time I looked at her I thought, that could be me in a little while, then she started the pushups and I went "daaaaaaaammmmmmmmnnnnnnnnn" and thought, probably not in this lifetime.

That's it. only 3. sad, huh?

Ragweed's in full bloom in the midwest. How're you doin? sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff achOOOO achOOOO achOOOO

Off to work & knit & read blogs. All in all, not a bad day planned.

ALERT ALERT ALERT beep beep be beeep be beep beep
Martha's Back on TV each and every day!!!! It's on TLC (the learning channel) at 6pm eastern time. I was all excited yesterday and set up the vcr and forgot that I'm an idiot, so I recorded some other damn show instead of the first day of my Martha!!! dammit! SO today I've got things fixed. 5pm Central time, here I come!! I do love my Martha.

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