Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Damn work keeps getting in my way of getting things DONE!

First of all, I've got too much work to do at work, dammit. Ah well, I shouldn't complain, I have flexibility and have enough to do that I'll never get bored.

I think I must have been smoking crack lately or inhaled too much dye from the fibers I've been knitting up. Seriously. I totally DO NOT REMEMBER telling my children they could have a birthday party for our dog. I do remember saying "yeah yeah later sometime...." or something to that effect. Apparently we're having a dog party tomorrow afternoon. The dog's birthday is in June. We've never had a dog birthday party before, so for some reason it makes sense to the two munchkins living in my house that we need to celebrate the June birth of our dog in September. sure. We're having SIX children (counting my own two) for cupcakes and dog treats on the early release day. damn early release days. The only sane thing I did was make sure the children are only at my house for ONE HOUR. PERIOD. The kids are making dog bone shaped placemats and I'm getting the cupcakes and doggie treats and the midol and pamprin. (yup, pms-ing momma, 6 children, cupcakes, candles and a wild dog. Good combination, huh?) I'm also going to the liquor store as momma's out of beer and I'm thinking one or four would be well deserved later that evening.

I have found PURE STRANDED HEAVEN and it's PRETTY DAMN AFFORDABLE! Where was this when I was forking out the big bucks $38+ a skein for my clapotis (that's still on the needles thank you very much)???? I was at the Studio shop off the plaza and found this BEAUTIFUL FREAKING MERINO YARN that feels like buttah to knit with. AND it's only $10.50/skein with 215 yards. TEN FREAKING DOLLARS A SKEIN. I need to go back with more moolah later. Malabrigo Yarn from Uruguay. This stuff is kettle dyed pure merino wool and the color is called black forest gold and I'm telling you I had more fun knitting this up last night. oooooooooh la la. My laundry is all dumped on the couch as I couldn't stop knitting to fold it and put away. Kids had to pick out clothes from the pile and shake them out to go to school all wrinkly because momma was too busy. poor babies. If I ever finish my clapotis, I'm buying more of this stuff! I'm using the 2 skeins I got to make a sophie bag for each of the preschool teachers that set me up with my Jeff as "thank you for giving me a man" presents. I shouldn't be telling you people about my find, as I really REALLY want to buy it all for myself, but it's just too soft & lovely and AFFORDABLE to not share, plus by the time I can afford to buy more yarn, it will probably be gone.

Have I said how much I love the Studio? OH MY GOD! If you need a certain color of yarn, you call them and they go click click click on their computer and tell you the dye lots and quantities they have in stock currently. I was running around trying to find the noro I need to make the final purse on order from the show and they just were snappy and have it ready for me! LOVE them. Plus the wall of feltable wool, oh oh oh.

Ha! Poor Vicki, I felt bad for you, that Knit Wits is a bit hard to find, I'm not sure of the quickest way to get there. I take I-35 to 151st street exit. The exit doesn't actually say 151st street, it has some strange highway number on it, but it's the exit for the Great Plains Mall. The mall is on the west side of I35 and knit wits is on the east side, off of Ridgeview Road and 151st street. It's buried in the mini mall between Taco Via and the place you go to get your drivers license renewed. I actually get lost in my own neighborhood as well as other parts of the city. I call it "taking the scenic route." It used to drive my ex-husband absolutely INSANE. My kids like it because we always see new sights in the car when going places.

I've decided I'm in trouble when I get older. They're going to put me away in a home thinking I've got dementia. How will I be able to convince the powers that be that I've ALWAYS been like this? I'll just have to not piss off all my friends as I go through life so they can stick up for me when I'm old and nutty. I can honestly say life's never been boring.

OH, Teresa and Sydney, I can't make it to the big party at Jazzercise, dammit! We're soap box racing all dang day Saturday AND Sunday. damn damn damn. OH, I mean yeah yeah yeah (and there was much rejoicing....Monty Python still lives). It is a great family bonding thing, but it just takes a LOT of time and sore muscles. Can I get in on the deals offered if I can't go to that day? Will you find out for me? I really REALLY need to get my chubby butt over there and moving, I'm just not sure how to schedule it into the days.

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