Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Drama Queen Jr

Well, wish me luck. I am taking my daughter to the dentist to have a tooth pulled. OOOOOOooooooweeeeee I can't wait. I have tried my hardest not to pass on my freakish dentist phobias to my children. We brush, we floss, we swish, we visit and get cleanings (ok they do, I'm still working up my courage for the next one in a month ugh). I would rather listen to a whole room full of kids screeching their fingernails on the chalkboard than hear a dentist's tootbrush whirring. freaks me out beyond belief. I can grit my teeth in a very calm looking way and smile encouragingly to the children while I'm a pool of cold sweat. (some seriously bad experiences with a childhood dentist who did a LOT of unneccessary work with minimal pain killers bad bad bad) ANYWAY, my daughter is a BIT of a dramatic person. I know, that's hard to imagine, but seriously. If the child has a papercut, we must do medicines, band-aids, and every time the finger is moved for the next few days there are those "ooooooohhhhhh" sighs. pitiful. She is also quite a screamer in the doctor's office. Now the pediatric dentist I found is the FREAKING BEST IN THE WORLD. I keep trying to convince him to work on adults, but so far no go. Last time she needed a cavity, she didn't even know he gave her a shot in the gum. It was amazing. Hopefully today will be like that, but I don't know. She has a broken baby molar and it's not loose at all. It's in pretty rough shape, so it has to come out. I've got my fingers crossed that he can pop it out without her feeling it as well. I can hope, can't I?

Took the kids over to the bf's house for grilled cheeseburgers for dinner, then helped him install some new lighting and check out his painted bathroom. Is there anything sexier than a man that can DO STUFF??? He came over after I put the kiddo's to bed and we snuggled and watched tv, a perfectly wonderful evening. He even admired each and every purse and scarf I'd compiled across the pool table instead of just saying "oh yeah, they're all nice" and blowing it off, he made neat comments and had good ideas about things for the future. One of his connections through the water/chemical world sent him some dye samples and we're going to try out some hand-dying of yarn after the big sale is all over and gone. Could be fun!

Remember, at 6pm eastern, 5pm central it's time for.....

Martha Martha Bo-Bartha, banana fanna fo fartha, fee fi mo artha, MARTHA!! I tell you, I'm just all crafty-inspired and wanting to decorate and create and COOK even. scary, I know it.

OK, have any of you done this or am I the only loser around here??? The kids and I were at the grocery store yesterday looking at the snacks aisle (the little debbie ho-ho's and such) when one of the moms of Beth's friends came by with her kids and they asked to have snacks. The mom made a face and I said "oh, honeys, we'll just make our own snacks at home, they're so much better than these." and the other mom agreed and used that too. My kids looked at me like "WTF woman?" and we snuck back and loaded up on the nutty bars and ding-dong/ho ho things when the other mom was gone. The other mom actually DOES make her own snacks and trail mix and cookies and such. so sad. I think I may actually have the kids help me make some cookies this weekend. snickerdoodles.....mmmmmmmm.....chocolate chips mmmmmmmmmmm

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