Thursday, September 15, 2005

3 days till show time and I've lost all sense and all forms of grammer to boot

I've officially reached the "I don't give a flying FUXX" stage now. I need to get care tags, business cards and the website done, and knit & felt 2 more icord handles, but anything else I wanted to do is now not gonna get did. nope. nohow. noway. Linings for the bags? nope. pretty order forms to take home printed with colored pictures of the bags/scarves they order? nope. I've just got to get organized, pick a project to work on the 8 hours of the show, and just give the FUXX up. period. Jeff told me last night he thinks I'll sell out totally. He even wanted me to take the fugly felted mishap bags I created when trying to find the right method for my felted groove bags. He is a sweet boy and is going to come give me breaks so I can eat and pee and other important things like that during the sale. I figure I've got about 20 items I can sell outright, 3 styles of bags I'll take orders on, one small, one medium and one big (just like the three little bears, huh?) and two styles of scarves to take orders on also. If nothing else, I'm really REALLY ready for Christmas with a buttload of knitted stuff to give out!

OH OH OH little miss Knitting Virgin can do something else knitterly and is very proud of herself! yes I is! Confession time....I could never make a center pull ball of yarn. I have had people show me, I have read the reams of entries on how to do this on the forums, I have read explanations on blogs and heard some weird things about thumbs, fingers, toilet paper tubes, kitchen mixers, and just gave up and always had monster balls rolling all over the damn place. SO, here's MY HIGHLY TECHNICAL VIRGIN VERSION OF MAKING A CENTER PULL BALL....wrap the yarn around your pointer and flip-off finger a bunch of times, at least 30 or so. Take that yarn off your fingers and wad it up with the tail sticking out a bit, keep your thumb on the tail as you wrap around and around and around making sure to keep that thumb sticking into a good-sized hole in the middle the entire time. You end up with a big ball with a little opening or soft-spot. When ready to use, pull out the wad and there you go. easy peasy. Ok, so this is totally retarded, but I was intimidated for MONTHS to even try this and was just so proud of myself when I saw how freaking easy it really was. Maybe there's another newer knitter out there that can try it too. If not, just chuckle and remember your own new knitting days.

How can I have flat hair when I have half of Beauty Brands supplies in my bathroom? I seriously have more than 18 different hair sprays/mousses/other crap to get volume and stop humidity. bullcrap. It's another hat day. I'm thinking I'm ready to go see Allegra the hair magician and tell her to just go crazy. I'm not quite sure if that's safe or not, to encourage her to go drastic, but I'm ready for a change. I think. maybe.

I put four noro skeins' worth of gas in the car yesterday. FOUR! I had to fill up my car THREE times last week. THREE TIMES FOUR IS TWELVE skeins of yarn that could have been added to my stash! dammit! At least prices are falling, just not as fast as they should be, but who said the energy market ever worked for consumers anyway??? Yes I know I'm driving an SUV and guzzling gas and not doing my part for conservation and no, I don't really care. I'm going to start walking the kids to school on Tues & Thurs mornings and mapping out my errands and stop running all over heck and back soon. not now. Now I'm just bitching as I fill up the tank.

OH and it was BOG day at the gym and I was so happy! (BOG=Big Ol Girl) There was chub wigglin as people jogged, chub sweating while we worked machines and chub straining to lift weights. The only cutsie-tootsies were the 2 chics in my group and our trainer. I felt right at home and full of love for the world.

Daughter Dentist update: OH MY GOD I love this dentist! If anyone's looking in the kc area for a pediatric dentist, let me know and I will send you details. Turns out the tooth just needed a bit of shaping and they're going to leave it in as it's not hurting her any longer and they don't want to do any unneccesary work as it's a baby molar. They did do a filling on a cavity while there. NO SHOTS necessary. WTF? They now use AIR and some malliable stuff and a weird light to cook it on and it DOESN'T HURT. no drills. no noises. no pain. I was utterly amazed. Beth was back at school smiling and could even eat right afterwards. I'm gonna talk with my dentist and maybe he can use the same stuff on me. San Antonio, I totally would be off the charts with the blood pressure thing. My dad laughed at my fears and told me he FELL ASLEEP the last time he was in the dentist's chair. I told him he was a freak of nature.

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