Friday, September 09, 2005

this n that

Thanks for the go daddy recommendation. I'm checking it out and think it'll be perfect and save me time & money! I'm going to try to get organized enough to have it up and running by Monday.

What else? Yesterday I survived the hardest W.O.W. workout (women on weights) yet. We worked our living butts off. I pumped weights, I did the stinking balancing on a ball while lifting weights thing and even the dreaded standing on the half-ball on the ground while lifting weights and trying not to go flying off thing. We took "breaks" to run laps. woooo boy. Then we ran backwards on the straights and jogged the curves. more weights, then JUMP ROPING for 5 minutes then "sprinting" or in my case "sprint ladies, or Christine, just as fast as you can make it, ok?" cripes. Then "sasheying" then more backwards running. Did I mention I am not only out of shape, but unbelievably uncoordinated? My sashey's looked pretty much like a drunk cow but I didn't fall down this time when running backwards. Seriously, if this were a playground, this 36 yr old woman would be the dork chosen last. after the really fat kid picking his nose.

I've survived 4 days of eating mostly healthy. 4 whole days....didn't I start a few weeks before this? well, yes. I even did the sensible "remove temptation from the house" thing. No more double-stuff oreos in the house, no m&m's, no chocolate chip cookies or other goodies. SO, you think this would help, huh? This resulted in a craving so consuming that it ended with late-night tv, a big spoon, jar of peanut butter and half a bag of chocolate chips found in the way back of the fridge. uggggghhhhhh. I felt like one of those Lifetime shows' alcoholic momma's drinking up all the vanilla extract or something. ick. I think I'd better just buy some damn double stuff oreo's and try to behave myself by having TWO or THREE when the craving hits, as the denial and then satisfaction of the big craving can be a bitch.

OK knitting world, I'm almost afraid to ask this with the big show in a week. I know you can't sell items made from free patterns at a craft show. Can you sell items made from a pattern you have purchased? Or do I still need individual permission from the designers? Most of what I have is my own design, but I have a few things I'd like to sell that I bought the original pattern to make and can give credit to them on the items. Any ideas? I know you can't use patterns that specifically say "do not sell" listed on it, but what if it doesn't say anything? Also, how did I freaking miss that the new knitty's up??? OOOOOOhhhhhh I'm going to find a pattern JUST FOR ME after next week that I can start on. Can't wait, gotta go check out the fall issue NOW!

TIP FOR THE DAY..... If you go to Quick Trip or some other convenience store for a soft drink, make sure to pick a lid from the MIDDLE of the stack. Don't get the first one there. Just don't do it. I was behind Big Bubba this morning for the ritual first diet coke of the day. Big Bubba proceeded to start coughing up a lung, wiped his hand on his dirty jeans and then decided while there, why not scratch his butt. THEN Big Bubba accidentally picked up two lids, coughed again, THEN put the other nasty-ass butt-and-cough-germ-covered lid back on the shelf for the next unsuspecting person to come along and get. I did my patriotic duty and threw it and the next few lids touching that one into the trash, then picked my lid from the middle of the damn stack. ICK ICK ICK Don't start your day with Big Bubba Butt germs.

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