Thursday, September 22, 2005

this n that

Pieces of my mind today. I'm feeling a bit discombobulated.

#1-->Dog party was a great success. I didn't get pictures taken, there was too much chocolate cupcake getting onto everything in sight. Dog was happy, all six kids behaved themselves mostly and we quickly retired to the back yard where they all ran around like crazy short people. Good times. Miles loved his new blue squeaky soft mouse and is still licking and chomping his new beef bone thing. My daughter was wanting to have banners, decorations, party hats and gift bags. We settled on bone-shaped placemats made from construction paper and KC Chiefs cupcakes. Miles the dog is a chiefs fan.

#2-->If you drive a car with flames painted along the sides, it is a federal mandate that your car must at least be within 5 miles of the speed limit. If you go less than 10 miles under the limit, I have been granted the authority to take you aside, beat you silly and duct tape over the flames. What's the deal with flames anyway? My daughter has them on the side of her soap box derby car, but she's EIGHT.

#3-->If you walk in high heels to look sexy, you'd better damn well learn how. I'm going to start making up business cards and teach a class on how to walk in heels. I don't wanna see any more tentative dainty little steps with wobbling ankles and I don't wanna see any more clod-hopping shaggy from scooby doo flopping feet. Walk as if those heels are an extension of your beautiful legs and walk firm. or go buy more flip flops and forget about it. I saw an 84 year old woman (she told me how old she was, I didn't ask) at the post office the other day and she was STUNNING in her style, carry and the way she just floated along in her heels. Watch a southern woman. I think they're born with heels on. It looks natural and beautiful when done right.

#4-->I'm tired of freaking hot humid weather. cripes. When is that beautiful fall stuff going to get here? I'm ready (ok, not really as none of my jeans are able to be zipped up yet, so unless I want to spend the winter wearing my capri's and having cold shins I'd better get exercising as I've vowed NOT to buy any bigger jeans.)

#5-->I got talked into donating knitting lessons to our school's auction. I donated two sets of lessons with gift cert's to a local yarn shop. I'm a bit intimidated, but my daughter is now working on her 2nd official knitted project and she seems to have picked up from me ok, so what the heck. Hopefully my enthusiasm and love of all things fiber will help this not become the blind leading the blind. I think I can teach anyone to make a scarf now. We'll see.

#6-->damn hurricanes

#7-->damn politicians

#8-->Jon Stewart, I do love that man. He had me chuckling right along last night. My dog looked up at me like I was crazy. My poor poor little boyfriend...if things progress along and we end up living together, he'll have to get used to watching the daily show each night in bed. Poor little violet man. (He voted republican *gasp* because he believed all that "don't change horses midstream" b.s. but seems to be relatively open minded, but is a bit intimidated by the liberal slant I can get going on.)

#9-->I'm hungry and want pizza. I can't afford pizza right now as payday is LONG LONG away and the good ol' art fair moolah is a few weeks away as well. thin crust hamburger pizza.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

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