Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hooray for Tuesday!! woo hoo

OK, so the sun is shining, it's beautiful outdoors and I get to work from home today!!! woooooooooooo boy life is good. I've got to go to the LYS to pick up more Noro to make one last bag that was ordered from the art show, and did I say I don't get any of my $$ until UP TO A MONTH????? Hopefully I can expect it in about 2 weeks, but I'm not holding my breath. They have to tally stuff, take out the comission, etc. and THEN I get my moulah. Ah well. My mom was all excited and thinking, why don't you do more of these shows??? Well, because I think that venue is pretty much the only one where people will spend that kind of money on crafted items. Most craft shows are visited by other crafters looking for new ideas and will only buy one of your things in order to take it apart and make it for themselves. So, until 2 years from now, I'm off the show market. I think I will do a small website with some of my extra stuff for sale as there's some interest with the other moms that've been seeing me knit everywhere I go.

Went to the good ol' weights class this am. I was so impressed with myself using that weird looking thing where you support your body with your forearms and then kind of hang there and pick your legs up and down. I felt like a true body builder, I was goddess of the weight room. Then I saw Grandma Moses hop up there. Grandma I swear looked as wide as she did tall (cute, just very round) and was pulling her chubby little legs (complete with knee-high hosiery rolled down to her ankles no less) up just like I did. Well crap. That just ruined my superwoman feeling pretty damn fast.

This morning I swung by the girl scout shop to get Beth's junior gs uniform. I am all excited, she's moderately interested. I wasn't thinking clearly as I was leaving and didn't go the same way I got there. No biggie, right? Whenever I'm in an unfamiliar place in KC, I just go forward as long as I can and then eventually I'll get to I435 which does a loop around the city. Then I get a business call (guess you actually have to WORK when you work on your home office days) and don't really pay attention to where I'm driving. Let's just say I ended up in bumblemuck MO, otherwise known as Raytown. I am not good with Raytown. I get totally turned around and finally found blue ridge road or something windy and followed it in basically the direction I wanted to go until I found a street I recognized. Good thing gas prices are down and it was a pretty little drive.

On 435 headed to KS from MO there is a MAJOR speed trap going on, pretty much from Holmes Rd to State Line. I tried to do the nice thing and flash my lights to warn drivers and realized I don't know how to flash my lights. nice. I have one of those blazers where the running lights are always on and the lights come on for you when it's dark. I'm basically worthless in a car I've decided.

Finished the icord handle for one of the half-way done bags I sold and got it into the mail, so I deserve a little rest. :) I'm gonna eat my taco bell and watch a little tv before jumping back on the old work computer. Isn't taco bell kinda like the white trash cousin of Chipotle? Damn now I want some guacamole and chips from Chipotle....good thing there's not one too close. Maybe after the yarn shop....

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