Sunday, September 18, 2005

Long weekend summary post

OK, so I survived the big art show. I apologize for all the drama. Who am I kidding? I can't do ANYTHING without drama! Thank you guys for all the encouragement and such, I was a bit pissy lately I must admit! I'm sitting here with a glass of wine, kids in bed, chiefs beating the raiders (so far) and all is calm, all is bright. No round yon virgin's around here, but one happy knitting virgin. HOW DO YOU PEOPLE DO THOSE DAMN SALES ALL THE TIME?????? Here's a strange mix of stuff about today in no particular order... First of all, after paying for booth and commission and cost of yarn, I cleared about $382. That takes NOTHING into account for my time, that's just for what I got less what I paid to get it. I learned a few things, mainly that I need more little items like felted flower pins, OH LORDY I could've sold a million of those things....Just because it's POURING and LIGHTNING and THUNDERING and cold enough that I wear a BLACK long-sleeved shirt doesn't mean it won't get up to low 90's and sunshiney. woooooooo boy that was a humid day. It was one of those sweated-so-much-had-to-take-the-bra-off-while-driving-home kind of days. (I have a bad habit of losing more damn bras that way...being a half-A cup means we wear those things for shape and not much else) We did have big tents which was a blessing, but WOW I think I sweated off 8 pounds at least.

What else? Oh, 8 hours is entirely too long for me to be nice. I need to either do shorter shows or go and cuss at someone half-way through the day. It was freaking exhausting smiling that much. I traded the lady next door one of the felted groove purses for a gorgeous necklace & earrings set, but otherwise didn't spend any of my money except for diet coke!

HONEY boy Jeff was a gem today. He went and helped me set up, got me my morning diet coke, helped charm the little old rich ladies, and then went off wandering. He came back with a skein of hand-dyed yarn from a lady in Overland Park before he left for the afternoon. It was beautiful and should be neat to knit up. She was the only other fiber artist there, she had some different hand spun, hand dyed yarn and some shawls as well. WHAT A GUY! Do you just love him? I do I do I do!

All in all, I sold all my small felted bags, sold all my med felted bags including two that weren't even done (I have to make handles for one and finish felting the other), sold all but one of my big bags (good thing as I said I'd donate it to my kids' elementary school auction) and have orders to fill for 2 more big bags and sold 2 felted groove bags and traded the one felted groove. I sold two flowery scarves and ZERO of the big bumpy wool winter scarves, duh, it was freaking HOT and HUMID and I've got all these winter scarves sitting there. dumbass.

I personally fed a family of mosquitos today. I have at least 28 itchy bumps on my legs between my knees and ankles (capri pants).

Friday afternoon--> Another Knitting Virgin Sighting!! Jami recognized me while I'm wearing big sweatshirt, sweatpants, no makeup and a ball cap. Scary, huh? Go see her amazing beads, I'm hooked already!! Thanks for saying hi! I loved meeting you and petting the softest cashmerino (was that what it was?) at Knit Wits! I am realizing I am always being recognized when I either look like crap or stink AND look like crap. I used to think it was just a fluke, then I realized I normally go out in public looking like a homeless person. (the first two times I met Jeff accidentally, I looked like total shiX on a stick). I do actually bathe daily, I just often leave the house and have my day and THEN get prettied up for an afternoon or evening encounter. I know, I know, but you gotta remember I'm barely able to freaking DRIVE in the morning, let alone arm myself with curling irons and such. ANYWAY, go see Jami and her gorgeous beads!!

Friday night--> thank you to Miss Amanda for babysitting even though she was wiped out from allergies. The kids had a blast and I got to go hang and drink a bit with the other elementary parents for the "grade" parties. We started at the kindergarten party but there were too many new parents (aka the tank top crowd, damn skinny minnie mommas and fresh faced idealistic new parents) so we boogied to the third grade party where there was some serious drinking and carousing going on. Jeff and I had a great time, full moon, pretty night, pink drinks, big bonfires, good times. Thanks Miss A!!!

Sat--> knit knit knit stress stress stress shuffle kids to parties and soccer games and finally say FUXX IT ALL and sit outside on the front step while the kids played in the driveway and ran around in the front yard until dark. Jeffie came over and we had a nice little domestic evening of playing triple yatzee and then a bit more stress and knitting before bed.

back to Sunday. OH, I also saw the Kumbaya lady today at the art sale! She was walking up and down carrying BAGS of stuff she'd bought, but she was not drawn to the knitting wonders of my table, alas.

I figure this post will last long enough to count for Monday too, so have a nice Monday everyone!!! Big owners are out of the country for a month, I ended up with a sick day on Friday so I missed any last minute stresses coming my way down in the dungeon at work, so I hope to enjoy myself and get some backed up work done in peace and quiet. Hey, I can dream, can't I?

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