Monday, September 26, 2005

yet ANOTHER long-ass post

UNREAL. I am doing a total old lady "time sure flies" thing today. cripes. I blinked and it's almost fall. It is my very favorite time of year...pumpkins, fall leaves, chili, so guess what people, I'll probably be even MORE cheerful. Don't worry, I'm still bitchy even when I'm freakishly peppy and happy. Can't you just imagine how much fun the people around me will have when I get those fun mood swings associated with menopause? bwaa ha ha hhaaaaaaaa!

So the weekend stuff...I am the queen of the roller rink! Jeff and his boys came & crashed the skate party and we all had a blast! I only fell on my butt once, but WOW that floor is hard! I landed on no children, (last time I flattened my daughter and rolled over one of Joey's hands, oops) and Jeff went to the dollar store to stock up on glow in the dark necklaces for all our kids. It was a blast! Sat & Sun were all day long Soap Box racing. Beth drove well, but is just a little too small to compete, so we had fun but didn't do too much damage, we're putting away the car until spring. They had a silent auction where mom & dad ended up with about half the stuff. Beth got the CUTEST denim jacket with a soap box derby car & stuff embroidered all over it and can't wait until cool weather to wear it. Joey got a basket full of legos, walkie talkies, and other boy crap.

Sat. night I went to Jeff's cousin's bday party. I met most of his family and played some Texas Hold Em in a little fun tournament and had a blast. Drank some beers, ate at least 4 pounds of food, laughed and had fun, OH and Jeff broke my toe. MY LOVAHBOY BROKE MY TOE. I even cried a little bit. He was scooting his chair up and ended up setting it down pretty good on my middle toe on the left foot. You know me, the queen of sensible shoes, wearing a pair of black strappy things that had NOTHING between the chair leg and my little toe... He felt so bad and got ice and I said, oh I'm fine and wiped my little eyes (I felt like a dork, crying over a toe). Now I have to wear TENNIS SHOES as the toe is all swollen and black and blue and has an extra bump where a bump should not be and all the strappy shoes go right across that spot of toe. jeez. I taped it to its neighbor toes and am doing fine. You know with all the suffering in the world, you'd think I wouldn't be such a baby, wouldn't you? (but then we all know I'm a titch of a drama queen.)

OK, so my comments thing is on the fritz and I've just gotta comment on those slug bug wars posts! I'm so glad I'm not the only one having fun with this stuff. Teresa, you southern women are just too cute and stylish....doodle bugs, cute cute cute. Beth, you are an amazing mother, teaching your children spanish AND getting them to kiss each other? wow! I think I'll try that with mine, but most likely we'll be back to beating the tar out of each other quickly. Colleen, you're inspiration baby! I'm a great suv-driving fist waving momma too! Amazing how moms can get that arm reaching back to whoop up on a child and not even swerve on the road, HAH! Tam, Cruiser Bruiser, I'm adding that to our repetoire! Camille, you keep smacking up on that boy of yours! It's good for the soul, and I'm sure good for the relationship.

My boyfriend's boys are now into the slug bug thing, but they're saving theirs up. Each boy has a running total of slug bugs they've claimed, one's got around 75 and the other just over a hundred. Jeff said he can now use that against them as when they are being bad, he'll say "I'm going to take 20 of your slug bugs if you don't ...whatever..." and it works! HAH! smart boy.

Jildo, you almost made me wet my pants! Background info for the rest of you...Some time ago I'd had a LONG WEEK of my children making me INSANE. On the way to Topeka to pick up my girlfriend Jill, they had been exceptionally ANNOYING. I'd had enough. I threatened to throw the next child that screamed, yelled or WHINED out the window. It was a quiet last 10 minutes, other than the sound of my youngest boy sniffling. We get Jill, she asks Beth and Joey what's wrong and he really REALLY thought his mom would throw him out the window and leave him by the side of the road and Beth was pretty sure I wouldn't but wasn't entirely sure. nice. It goes down as my best Mommie Dearest moment ever. the shame..... I finally hugged both children, explained their mom loves them and just gets a bit crazy when she hears too much whining and would never ever throw either of them out the window. shame shame shame.

Linda, thanks for sending your link! You were the first person to recognize me out and about, and I swear I felt all famous when we met at the Yarn Shop! I promise to change the pic on my sidebar to update it. Go see Linda's blog and say hello. BTW, she totally dogged on me....something about my not looking anything like my picture as I'm actually quite cute... hah!

Work, work, work. I know I NEED it, LORDY LORDY how I need that paycheck, but STILL...I've got blogs to read, the last ordered purse to knit and a kitchen full of dirty dishes. I've got no time for WORK!

OK, so rereading this post makes me sound like the scariest freaky mom on the block. Seriously, I am not that horrible. mostly.

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