Thursday, September 01, 2005

Lest we forget this is a KNITTING blog...

Editor's note: I totally forgot the BEST part of the knitting package! I got Knitticisms, that FUNNY book filled with cool retro pics and little sayings and such!!! I had it in my purse immediately after opening the package, so it didn't make it into the picture, thanks secret pal!

Happy Dance! Secret Pal goodies arrived and I mean this chic knows her stuff! I LOVE IT!! I even love the bag and card! (My photo is not the best, so you'll have to look closely it's covered in butterflies and the card is now my daughter's property!) Let's see, COOL sheep tape measure (I'm ALWAYS freaking looking for a tape and hate to roll those old sewing tapes up!) Lotion that smells yummy, rose salve for healing all those little yarn/paper cut things I get on my fingers (LOVE LOVE LOVE that stuff), 3 skeins of very cool German washable sock yarn and THREE patterns including one for knitting two toe up socks at the SAME TIME (so maybe my feet will EACH have a sock this way--my lonely sockie still has no mate created), and my very favorite part is the cool little notepad with the C! It looks so early 1960's retro chic. THANK YOU!!! I love that my secret pal sends yarn AND patterns! I can just sit and knit!

Here's proof that I've actually been knitting my little fingers to the bone:
first pic is completed items in the last week and a half and the 2nd pic is what's on needles right now. BTW, kraft mac & cheese boxes make VERY good drying forms for small felted purses. It's my box of choice. Click the baby pics to see bigger pics.

Still loving my religion class through JCCC. I may just get myself graduated by December! Nothing like a 37 year old graduate, huh? By the time I get my teaching certificate, I'll be a 39 year old looking for a job. cripes.

A blue-hair flipped me the bird yesterday afternoon. An older lady with actual blue hair stuck flipped me off. WTF? I am the champion of old people. Old people love me. I'm an old soul in an almost-middle-aged body. Driving along, minding my own business, windows down, air conditioning on, music up, singing along to meatloaf "will you love me?.....will you love me forever, do you need me? will you never leave me? will you make me so happy for the rest of my life? will you take me away? will you make me your wife? I GOTTA KNOW RIGHT NOW.....BEFORE WE GO ANY FURTHER DO YOU LOVE ME????? WILL YOU LOVE ME FOREVERRRRRRRR" [OK I apologize, I had to get that out of my system. now may you all be cursed by having that song in YOUR heads all damn day!] ANYWAY, there's some road construction up ahead, lanes merge, I slow to let Grandma Moses in ahead of me as any nice young person would do. She won't go. She slows down. I slow down. You know the story. I finally stop and wave her in. She FLIPS ME OFF. and mouths something to boot. nice one granny. I turn up the music, go off singing my song. "I'll never break my promise or forget my vow....but God only knows what I can do right now, I'm praying for the end of's all that I can do ooooo ooooooo...praying for the end of time, so I can end my time with you......" It was long ago and it was far away and it was so much better than it is today......EVERYBODY SING!!!!

I'm sure I probably missed a few words there, but I've got a serious case of lyricosis. My old boyfriend from college was a total perfectionist and I used to drive him insane. I remember one time Jildo and I were driving to KC with Deaner (his fraternity nickname) and we were in rare form. He was pissy at me for some reason or other (he was ALWAYS pissy with me) and I'd told Jill how much it pissed him off when I got words wrong on songs so when the song "Big Ol Jet Airliner..." came on the radio, we both belted out "Big ol jet had a light on....." like nothing was wrong. I think I almost wet my pants that day trying not to laugh. I've never seen a man get so red that he turned purple before. Ah Jildo, those were the good ol' days! We haven't pissed anyone off or caused any fights in years. 7 foot tall O.U. Basketball stars, army and navy rotc guys, tke's vs. well everyone, man when did we get old and boring?

Also, Miss San Antonio, I almost snorted a cheerio out of my nose this morning when I saw you were Bill Clinton on the quiz. That's the most appropriate thing I've head yet this am miss Violet!

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