Friday, September 23, 2005

Man, is anyone else out there needing to start a support group for addicions to cnn and other news shows? cripes. HANG IN THERE PEOPLE. It's gotta stop sometime. All this craziness even finally inspired me to organize my emergency supplies. We have a bomb shelter in our basement (built mid 50's). It's a solid cement structure, cement floor, walls, ceiling, could withstand the worst of the cold war scare, complete with a WOODEN door with a GLASS doorknob. I don't know why, but that always made me chuckle. Yup, the Russians' bombs were not gonna get through with the little lock clicked on that glass doorknob. Ah well. Anyway, it's our pantry/fruit room thing now and we've huddled down there during a few tornado warnings. I was finally inspired/scared enough by all that's happening in the world to start saving some water bottles, and buy a freaking hand cranked can-opener to put in there along with the first aid kit, etc. I added matches in baggies, a couple of stuffed animals (in baggies), rain ponchos, bug spray, sunscreen and the one extra bottle of Joey's meds he takes with each meal. It wasn't much, but I felt better for doing it. I should have a backpack of emergency stuff in the car as well, and I'm working on that. My biggest fear is something happening when I'm on the other side of town from my children. It's hard not to freak out and wonder what if.... but that makes me crazy again so I try to live for the moment and hug my kids a bit longer and then I feel better.

This weekend looks to be pretty fun. We're going to a glow-in-the-dark roller skating school party from 4-6pm this afternoon. Jeff is bringing his boys and crashing our party so I'll get to see my hottie on wheels. :) I'm going to the dollar store to get $1 glow sticks and bracelets and the like as they're $5 each at the rink. Saturday and Sunday we're soap box racing with TEAM ELIZABETH as she has named us. Joey's head crew chief (in charge of keeping the wheels spinning while the car's up on blocks between running down the hill). Sat. night I'm going with my honey to his cousin's surprise 30th bday and will meet most of the rest of his family. Apparently there's quite a bit of gossip and scuttlebutt going around about me. Should be fun. It's a cocktail party and Texas Hold 'Em tournament. We're not supposed to bring gifts, just money. Taking money from relatives while getting tipsy, my kinda party!

The world religion class is going pretty well. It doesn't have a lot of homework, just graded discussions and two big group projects and midterm and final. I really like this professor and am learning a lot about world history (which I always thought was pretty boring and didn't affect me personally) and have realized I actually like it. I've got 2 weeks remaining before midterm and the first project is due and I've done almost NO studying or work on the project, so I'm good to go. Little Miss Last Minute strikes again. I've started, but that's about it.

STAY SAFE down there people! Especially you, Miss San Antonio!

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